Any chance in these school early decision?

I did well on the March sat I got a 1470: 700 English 770 math which is lower than most practice tests I’ve taken especially English. So I took it again in June thinking I could super score to at least a 1500 which would put me the running for some top schools ed, however this did not happen, I can’t take the test again before ed dead line, it’s kinda messing with me and making me panic a little. Anyways I was thinking of applying (biology major) ed to:
GPA: 4.45 weighted 3.6 unweighted
AP: apush 4, Lang 5 next year biology, AB Calc, sta
ts, and psych
EC: part student led group to change perceptions of mental health and other related topics in our school, leader of student run book club, piano lessons 8 years, competitive rowing six days a week for 2.5 hours

All the schools above are super reaches. Your unweighted GPA is low, you haven’t taken many APs and the SAT score is much too low. Maybe Tufts depending on how you present your application, but the other schools will be much harder to get in to. However, don’t give up. Take the SAT again and apply RD and show strong grades Semester 1 of Senior Year and you may increase your chances. There’s a school out there for you, find you and don’t apply to these schools if its just about the name or status.

Keep in mind that you can only ED to one school.

All are a bit of a reach, but if one stands out as a favorite, no harm in applying ED. Are you planning to row in college? That might help.

I don’t see one of these being significantly easier or harder than the others but you might be a be a terrific fit for one (which could help). As for the comment above, i know legacy kids with your stats who were rejected by Tufts ED – but maybe they just didn’t seem like the right fit to the AOs.