Any Chance of Getting into Any of these?

SAT I (breakdown): 2050 (590 CR, 730 M, 730 W)
ACT: Never Took It
SAT II: Math I: 730, Math II: 750, Bio M: 670, Korean: 790,
World History: 600, US History: 590 (didn't submit history score to any colleges)
Unweighted GPA (out of 4.0): 3.71/4.0, School doesn't do UW
Rank (percentile if rank is unavailable): 26/333, Top 10%
AP (place score in parenthesis): Calc BC (4 BC/5 AB Sub), Physics B (3), World History (3), Lit and APUSH (both 2s but didn't mention)
IB (place score in parenthesis): NONE
Senior Year Course Load: AP Comp. Gov, AP Bio, 4th Year French, Orchestra, Senior Eng, TA for AP Calculus
Major Awards (USAMO, Intel etc.): AP Scholar, Quest Bridge College Prep Scholar, and a few small school awards.</p>

Extracurriculars (place leadership in parenthesis):
* Cheerleading (4 Yrs [Grade: 9-12], Varsity Captain 11th/12th) State: 3rd 10th, 1st 11th
* FCCLA (Treasurer for 2 Yrs)
* High School Orchestra (4 Yrs [Grade: 9-12], Concertmaster 11th) Outstanding Player
* Principal Advisor (a selected school group that works to handle school issues with the principal and sometimes the superintendents)
* Leadership
* Varsity Gymnastics (9th)
* Tac. Youth Symphony (4 Yrs: [Grade: 6-9])
* Math Team (4Yrs: [Grade: 9-12])</p>

<p>Job/Work Experience: Not listed on application.
Volunteer/Community service: 100+ Hours, Volunteer Tutoring
Summer Activities: Volunteering, Cheer Practice 11 Hrs a Week,
Essays: Fairly Well Written I think
Teacher Recommendation: 2 are great but the other one = really generic.
Counselor Rec: I don't know, never read but she writes well.
Additional Rec: GREAT! My Math Team Advisor who is also a math teacher wrote me a good one!
Interview: MIT only so far. Didn't go well. Don't think he liked me it was really awkward.</p>

<p>Applying (21)
U of Wash.- Seattle
Harvard (Sibling Legacy)
MIT (Sibling = Part-Time Student)
Boston College
Carnegie Mellon
U of Southern Cal.
Bryn Mawr
U of Notre Dame

<p>HYPMS, Dartmouth, Penn, Swarthmore= high reaches. I'm sorry, but even with legacy, it's true.
Brown, Cornell, Northwestern, Notre Dame, Emory, NYU-Stern= ranging from low reaches to reaches.
UW-Seattle, Tufts, USC, Boston College, Bryn Mawr=matches.
Don't know CMU well, so I cannot make a judgement.</p>

<p>P.S. I got rejected ED by Northwestern w/ 650 CR 800 M 670 W, Math 2 800 Chem 800 Japanese w/ Listening 770, a 3.8ish UW GPA, Subjectives comparable to yours, and with a rec letter from the director of undergrad studies from their own chemistry department. I spend a summer there and got straight As in their chem sequence, but my CR is still low, and maybe applying as an international student harmed my chances. LOL :)</p>

<p>Good luck on your admissions process...</p>

<p>This is a wholly unrealistic list. I'd add some realistic schools quickly if you don't love UW and (maybe with a fantastic app) Bryn Mawr.</p>

<p>Yes I am extremely aware that this is an awfully HUGE and unrealistic list, UW is really unpredictable in their application decisions.</p>

<p>Some kids with 2100 SAT with high GPA get rejected while kids with decent subjective and 1700 on their SATs get the acceptance letters. I am from WA State so it makes me a domestic applicant. Bryn Mawr I'm trying to write a good one so that I'd at least get in SOMEWHERE! I wanted to also add in like U. of Portland (a safer school and more realistic) but my parents weren't very happy about it.</p>

<p>I have done about 16 so far, but I still have like 5 to go! I originally started out with a list of 12 schools (3 of them Ivies) but I didn't have a complete control over my choice (my family is quite an influence in this decision as well). </p>

<p>I originally had a list of up to 13 schools but somehow it got doubled, but luckily I was able to take out 3 from the list. I originally wanted to apply to Smith, W&L, U. of Portland, and Duke, but my family didn't approve Smith, U of Portland, and W&L while I missed the interview deadline for Duke so I had to take those out. Still my family helped me out a lot with the application process and I really appreciate their help! :D</p>

<p>Thank you for taking the time to chance me even if my list was HUGE! I really appreciate it! :) Is there any safety schools you may recommend if there's still time to send applications in?</p>

<p>Holy Cross has a January 15th application due date and is similar to fellow Jesuit school Boston College. HC (don't have to be religious) has nice campus 1 hour from Boston and is ranked very highly by US news, Forbes, kIPLINGERS ETC. Holy Cross has fantastic school spirit and the HC website is informative.</p>

<p>Agree with Waverly, your list contains all reach schools with the exception of UW. You need a SAFETY.</p>

<p>Turtle: Are you instate for UW? Totally agree with others that you need some safety schools on this list. If you check the EA/ED threads on the schools on your list, you will see that candidates with significantly better credentials than you possess have been wait-listed/rejected. I am by no means discouraging you from applying to these schools, but you really need to add some schools to your list where you have a more realistic chance of admission.</p>

<p>Given your scores/grades, I would reach a bit lower. You're likely in at UW though.</p>

<p>UW= Yes I'm instate! I told my parents the same thing but they won't budge!
I even thought about secretly applying to U.of Portland or Seattle U. so I'll have some security into getting into a school because I didn't feel at all comfortable with not really having a safety school (my parents and my sibling considered UW and BMC as safety which I think is absolutely crazy)</p>

<p>You're applying to 21 schools?????? My gosh that's bold! Not to mention an awful lot of work. I was going to apply to 9 and thought that was a high number (i got into Williams ED). Applying to tons of schools is generally not recommended by college guidance counselors for many reasons. First of all its expensive, common app only gives you 4 free fee waivers after all! Secondly, why not do the work ahead of time and narrow down schools instead of going through the whole hassle of applying to 21 schools and then deciding on one? (It also seems a major deciding factor in your choosing to apply to a school was it's name recognition and not actual research and information on the school... but thats personal opinion) And lastly, I sincerely hope you put true thought and effort into each and everyone of those school's written supplements, because thats how you are going to stand out. Several hundred applicants may have the exact same numbers as you, but I guarantee you know one is going to have the same supplement responses or regular essay. So you better make those count.</p>

<p>Anyway, I wish you the best of luck. I think you have a chance at any of those schools (there's where 21 schools becomes your advantage, you're pretty much guaranteed to get into one!) Afterall, I read an MIT student comment that said "If you're thinking about applying to MIT, go ahead. Because, believe it or not, most people here are at least as stupid as you are"</p>

<p>Try some LACs with a scientific bent like St. Olaf and Grinnell. Also, you would be a very competitive applicant for a school like Purdue, which has strong engineering, science, and math programs.</p>