Any chance transferring to NYU?

<p>At a community college. Technically a 2nd year student, failed 2 classes 1st semester, took a semester off. Had 2 semesters on with 10 classes total and a 3.5 college GPA as of today. My SAT was 1650 and my high school gpa was terrible (2.6). Any shot getting into general admissions?</p>

<p>3.5 is ok. what are you ec's? can you afford NYU, they give little to no aid, especially transfers.</p>

<p>Hahahahah is right, NYU gives very poor aid. The only aid I received that wasn't a loan was a $5,000 scholarship based on, that doesn't really count. </p>

<p>If you have good EC's, essays, and recs, I think you stand a chance because your GPA shows great improvement. When you write your essays, keeping in mind that NYU favors creativity and quirkiness is the key; they go through 40,000 freshmen essays before they even get to the 6,000+ transfer essays, and the supplements are the same on both applications. Also, I suggest going through Embark rather than Common App for NYU because it allows you to personalize your large essay specifically to the school. Write from the heart and demonstrate to them just how perfect you are for NYU, and you should stand a chance.</p>

<p>don't mean to take the thread over but what is embark? is it similar to the common app/universal app?</p>

<p>^Let</a> me google that for you</p>

<p>embark is the portal that nyu uses to receive its personal applications for those who don't want to use the common app.</p>


<p>hahaha that was pretty funny. alright thanks guys.</p>