Any chance with 32 ACT?

<p>I'm a junior and got a 32 my first sitting (32 Eng, 28 Math, 33 Science, 36 Reading, 10 Writing). Is there any hope that either a) I could get in with this or b) raise my score? Thanks in advance!</p>

<p>*BTW: 9th/11th/Student Body President, Yearbook staff/editor, NHS/Beta Clubs, JV Soccer 10th, I'm from the South (income ~145,000), GPA 3.95/4.55 (no class rank), Type 1 diabetic (relevant?), and expecting great recommendations and essay (good writer).</p>

<p>Did not prep for ACT and went to private school</p>

<p>Take it again.. can't hurt. Study this time. Also, I don't think a 32 is a disqualifying score anywhere with your grades. It might not help you - but I doubt it will hurt you terribly.</p>

<p>if it makes you feel any better, Oxford requires a 32 on the ACT, so I don't think Princeton will mind...</p>

<p>A 32 is definitely good enough for Princeton! A higher score helps, but it is not as important to get a higher score as it is to have a good GPA and superb extracurriculars.</p>