Any chance?

<p>i'm not the typical Ivy League candidate, but Yale has this one fantastic major that i can't find anywhere else, so i'd like to give it a shot. please tell me (in the most polite way you can) if it's even possible. </p>

<p>-White, female, attends non-prestigious public high school in NY (though we do have a few people go on to Ivy League schools and the like every year) </p>

<p>-Since i'm only a junior, i haven't taken the SATs or ACTs yet but based on practice tests ill probably get somewhere in the 2100-2300 range for SATs and around a 31 for the ACTs. my practice SAT subject tests are usually in the low 700s. </p>

<p>-here's my biggest problem: i sort of slacked off freshman and sophomore year. i took all honors courses and APs when i could, but i didnt try very hard: my grades were all in the low 90s. i only got a 3 on my AP Euro test, and i barely did any ECs</p>

<p>-so, my unweighted GPA is only a 3.8 (by the end of this year it'll probably be a bit higher, but i doubt i'll reach the necessary 4.0+). because of the rigor of the courses, my weighted GPA will be definately over 4.0, but i don't think that'll make much difference. </p>

<p>-I'm in the IB diploma program, and i'm doing very well. i'm pretty sure to get between a 5 and a 7 on all my tests. </p>

<p>-i have a few teachers in mind for recommendations: intelligent, and they like me a lot, so that won't be a problem. i'm also a very good writer, so my essay will definitely be good. </p>

<p>-though we do have a valedictorian and a salutatorian each year (which, needless to say, will not be me), we don't have an overall ranking for the grade/school, so i have no idea where i am in terms of that. </p>

-model congress: 4 years (possibly a board member next year)
-NHS: junior & senior yr (possibly a board member next year)
-Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior class
-newspaper: junior & senior yrs (it was only started this year, though)
-yearbook: senior year
-stage crew for school musical: junior & senior year
-tutoring: junior & senior year
-certified & active SCUBA diver: 6 years
-worked at the beach for 3 straight summers
-LOTS of different volunteer activities spanning all 4 years (i don't know how to list these- how do you mention every individual activity, like Relay for Life and Unitedway Brigdewalk? or do you not mention them at all?)
-had artwork exhibited in the Hecksher Museum for Long Island's Best HS Artists competition. </p>

<p>any and all feedback will be greatly appreciated & if it turns out yale is completely not for me, any suggestions of schools i would be better suited for would also be extremely helpful. thank you!</p>

<p>Low 90's really isn't bad, even for the ivy league. They like to see improvement, so if you're getting higher grades now then you did when you were a underclassmen you'll be fine. But even if you're still getting around the same grades, low 90's is NOT BAD. I think you should try to develop your ec's a little more, so that one or two areas are really developed.</p>