Any chance???

<p>I was very stupid, and didn't do early decision even though Emory is my dream school.</p>

<p>My SAT scores are :</p>

<p>Math: 760
Writing: 680
Reading: 660 </p>

<p>2100 total
GPA 4.0, ranked number 1.
Dual enrolled at West Georgia through a program called The Advanced Academy of Georgia
had a job for 2 years
done undergrad research for a year
diversity club for the past three years

<p>Emory has received an all-time record number of 17000 apps, so it will be tough.
But I am hoping, since I am from Atlanta, I might have some kinda advantage..???......
I don't know..</p>

<p>Oh yeah, I have a question!!!!!!!!!
I got hired as a research assistant this semester (after I turned in my application)
and working with antioxidants for a professor who has done extensive amount of research at emory grad school.
should I write a letter to the school and notify them of this? or should I do an essay maybe?
Is it worth the trouble????</p>

<p>Thank you!
and let's keep our fingers crossed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!</p>

<p>Hmm…your stats would have been awesome for ED2! But because so many spots have been filled by early decision people this year, the RD decision rate is gonna drop a lot, even though it already took a lot to get in in the beginning. I say it’s gonna be a low reach. You don’t have much leadership roles though your research work and job experience sounds awesome. Your SAT’s might be a “little bit” low.
And definitely tell them about you being a research assistant! :)</p>

<p>opps. I forgot!
I was the co-founder and the leader of the research group!!!</p>

<p>I think you have a decent shot. Did you do much to “demonstrate interest”, or were you too busy with dual enrollment?</p>