any chance?

<p>white male, WA state
sat: 1410 (720M, 690V)
sat2: 800 writing, 790 math 2c, 680 us history
gpa: 4.0 UW (hardest schedule at my school, all AP's that are offered)
rank: 1 of 240
psat: 205 commended
prospective major: biology
have good piano recordings to send in</p>

Wind Ensemble (audition band) 9-12
Jazz Ensemble (audition band) 9-12
Selected as drum major, 11-12
All-State Band, 11-12
Band Secretary, 12
Regional Honor Band, 10-12
Marching/Pep Band, 9-12
Private trumpet lessons, 6+ years
Private piano lessons, 11+ years
Tennis team (JV and Varsity) 9, 11, 12
Spanish club, 11-12
Spanish club president, 12
National Honors Society, 10-12
Honors Society President, 12
Member of church youth group, 9-12 (leadership team 11-12, worship leader 11-12)
2 two-week missions trips to Ensenada, Mexico
2 two-week missions trips to Ravalli, Montana
Selected as student ambassador to sister city in Japan
Superior performance on AMC test/qualified to take AIME</p>

<p>oh yeah, college, not SEAS, and RD</p>

<p>You seem to have had alot of devotion to piano, although it is pretty common. Make a good original tape to stand out. You definately have a shot. The only thing that doesn't look right is your 680 in US History. Since your major is biology, why not take the bio SAT II? You still have time to take it in Dec and they probably accept Jan scores, right? Wasn't sure about that. It wouldnt hurt you too much not to take the bio SAT II, but can only help.</p>