Any chance??

<p>being an international student. male.
Toefle iBT- 101 (Rd-29 Ls-28 Sp-22 Wr-22)</p>

<p>Act - 28</p>

<p>e.c- normal as others
essays- pretty good.</p>

<p>without ec and essays, consider them as normal, </p>

<p>are my scores alright? or way lower??</p>

<p>advice me!</p>

<p>Go to the freshmen admissions expectations chart on the UW website to find gpa/ACT scores chances chart, or go through the international students admisions where you will find your ACT is in the middle of the scores (26-30). If your grades/class rank are in the same range you have a good chance. Good luck.</p>

<p>If my GPA is about 3.3..?
but without freshman grade which is in my own country, sophomore, junior, and senior till first quater are pretty good. over 92~93.</p>

<p>Ouch- it's a numbers game- there are so many students with equal or better grades and test scores that even if you can do well at a school they will fill with the best students they can. Also remember that half the students will be below the median, and high or low odds don't guarantee the decision made.</p>

<p>Probably a reach with that GPA, but again, it's a lottery sometimes. Essays and recs would probably make the difference for you.</p>