Any chance?

<p>i just wanted to kno if i had any chance at all getting into BC
Major: Biology
im a indian american Sikh/Hindu
Location: Montville, New Jersey
rank: 52/320
math-690 CR-520(not my thing) writing-560 (not my thing)
bio - 720 math1 - 650
ACT - 27
AP Biology - 4
AP Chemistry - TBA
AP Spanish - TBA
AP Research in Molecular Biology (there is no ap test for this course; this course is straight from rutgers university and funded by G.E., only way to get credits was to buy them)</p>

Freshman Football 7-3
JV Football 22-2
Varisty Football 20-11 (made states in junior year) (senior class with most wins in school history)
National Honors Scoiety (w/ tutoring)
Spanish National Honors Society (w/tutoring)
1 year work experience (Catering/Party Managment)
International Concerns Club
Junior Red Cross Club
Montville Web Design Club
Varsity Track and Field
One Human Performance (seasonal football training) (Captain)
Volunteered at Doctor’s Office
Volunteered at religious church</p>

<p>im going to go with reach, the lowish standardized test scores hurt you</p>

<p>how many volunteer hours would you say you have? you have a lot of clubs/service down, and you may be heavily involved in them or may not be.</p>

<p>i did church services an hour each week for 4 years
for doctor's, i voltunteered for about 2 years, 3 hours a week</p>

<p>so far i have about 10 hours tutoring each for NHS and SNHS</p>

<p>It's going to be a long shot. While I won't say impossible, it will be difficult. Funny thing, I know another Punjabi from New Jersey studying Pre-Med. He transfered to Wesleyan. Any relation?</p>

<p>prob a reach</p>

<p>no, no relation</p>

<p>Dear punjabi1189 : I had written a full response to you about your chance-me, but threw it away. </p>

<p>Let me ask you something : with a 520 CR, a 560 writing, a 27 ACT score, and a top 20% ranking, do you think those scores are sufficient to get into a Top 40 school nationwide? In your heart, do you believe that your academic performance puts you in the top 40 schools in the country?</p>

<p>Given your science interest, you might want to think about less liberal arts oriented schools and more along the lines of science focused programs. Have you given consideration to a school like Lafayette?</p>

<p>Scottj, he probably wants to go pre-med at BC. BC has very high placement into med schools. </p>

<p>I'm applying to BC as well and your numerical stats are a lot lower then mine and I was told reach.</p>

<p>scottj was a little harsh,</p>

<p>but he is right, you should look at smaller liberal arts, maybe like Holy Cross</p>

<p>This is in no way intended to be mean, but you say that writing and CR are "not your thing".. which implies that math is your thing (since you didn't put "not my thing" next to it), but you only got a 690. A 690 in math is OK (neutral for BC), but it won't cancel out the poor CR and writing scores. Your biology score is good though. I'm not sure what that rutgers thing was, did you take the course there? (that was unclear)...</p>

<p>the AP Research in Molecular Biology couse was taken in my school but the supplies, teaching plans, and lectures were provided by Rutgers University - NB, and the entire program which is called the Waksman Student Scholars Program is funded by G.E. (General Electronics)</p>

<p>"The Waksman Student Scholars Program is designed help high school students learn modern molecular genetics by having them engage in genuine scientific research projects. It is a two-part program aimed at both teachers and students" -</p>