any chance

<p>i just wanted to kno if i had any chance at all getting into Colgate
Major: Biology
im a indian american Sikh/Hindu
Location: Montville, New Jersey
rank: 52/320
math-690 CR-520(not my thing) writing-560 (not my thing)
bio - 720 math1 - 650
ACT - 27
AP Biology - 4
AP Chemistry - TBA
AP Spanish - TBA
AP Research in Molecular Biology (there is no ap test for this course; this course is straight from rutgers university and funded by G.E., only way to get credits was to buy them)</p>

Freshman Football 7-3
JV Football 22-2
Varisty Football 20-11 (made states in junior year) (senior class with most wins in school history)
National Honors Scoiety (w/ tutoring)
Spanish National Honors Society (w/ tutoring)
1 year work experience (Catering/Party Managment)
International Concerns Club
Junior Red Cross Club
Montville Web Design Club
Varsity Track and Field
One Human Performance (seasonal football training) (Captain)
Volunteered at Doctor's Office
Volunteered at religious church</p>

<p>you still have a go chance thanks to your ec' kinds of goes down to your essays now..hope they were excellent..</p>

<p>a good chance*</p>

<p>Are you a senior, or a junior? If it's possible I would retake the sats and try to do better on critical reading and writing. But I got in with a 620 in Math 750 Critical Reading and 700 Writing.</p>

<p>If you are good enough to play football at Colgate, then you have a very likely chance of acceptance. Otherwise, you have your work cut out for you. I would definitely re-take SAT. 1370 > 1210. A 1210 is a fair bit below the bottom 25% of enrolled students and would guess a class rank as low as the top 15% probably is too.</p>

<p>I would definitely take the SAT or ACT again and make your essay really original. Also 5's on the AP exams will offset some of your lower scores somewhat because they measure how you would actually perform in a college level course.</p>

<p>Also, if you are involved in the church (as I saw in your EC's) try spear-heading a fundraiser or taking more of a leadership role there.</p>

<p>Your class rank and test scores other than in Bio are not overly impressive, so it's hard to say.</p>