Any chance????

<p>What do you think are my chances of getting in? What about NYU, CORNELL, BROWN, Carnegie Mellon, JOHN HOPKINS, and Duke? Should I bother applying? What are some other schools I should consider??
Here are my stats. </p>

<p>I am an Indian Student who attends a Catholic HS (Single sex- female) in NYC- Staten Island. I am first generation in going to college in USA.</p>

<p>GPA- 100.103
RANK- 1 of 159
SAT : 680v, 720m (1400)
SAT II Physics - 700 (taking three more in the fall) </p>

<p>College Extension Courses Taken at CUNY-CSI and St. John's University:
Statistics, American Literature, Precalculus (I'm taking Law and Government, Biology, Psychology, Sociology, and Economics this year) </p>

<p>AP courses taken:
World History - 5
US History - 4
Physics B -4
Going to take Biology, Calculus, and maybe Statistics this year </p>

<p>I take the most rigorous course work offered at my school.</p>

<p>Awards and Honors:
-Girl Scout Silver Award and Marian Medal
- General Excellence Awards for freshman, sophomore, and junior years
- Excellence Awards in Scholars Living Environment, Physics, Junior English Literature, Math A, Geometry, Sequential III, College PreCalculus (I'm in the Scholars Program at school)
-Achievement Award in Health
-Recognition in participating in the Healing Hands for Broken Hearts Art Exhibition
- Recipient of the Outstanding Chemistry Student Award from the American Chemical Society
- Recognition in Who's Who among America's High School Students and by the United States Achievement Academy
- Recognition for participating in the CUNY-CSI Math and Science Olympics all four years of HS </p>

<p>Volunteer Activities:
Junior Volunteer, Nursing Home and Rehabilitation Center 2001-2003
- Responsible for serving meals, transporting residents to different floors, providing entertainment, helping and teaching the usage and function of computers, the Internet, and e-mail, and interaction with nurses to provide care for the residents </p>

<p>Junior Volunteer, St. Vincent's Hospital, NY 2004-Present
-Responsible for entertaining and watching over children waiting to go into the ER or URGI Center such as reading, coloring, and playing games, responsible for transportation and stamping of charts, transporting of patients and blood to the lab, keeping supplies handy in storage room, and keeping track of the arrival and departure times when patients leave the ER waiting room, and interaction with doctors, nurses, technicians, and patients. </p>

Girl Scouts 1998-Present
INTERNATIONAL Club 2001-Present
- Secretary (12)
Newspaper 2004-Present
-Reporter (12)
Music Makers 2001-Present
-Singer (9-12)
Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD) 2002-Present
- Vice President (11,12)
Science Discovery Institute 2001-Present
Video Yearbook 2003-Present
-Writer (11,12)
- Narrator(11,12)
- Editor and Student Producer (12)
Forensics Team 2003- Present
- Secretary (12)
Junior States of America 2003- Present
Math Team 2003- Present
- President (12)
NY Science Honor Society 2004- Present
School Book Club 2004-Present
Piano 1993-Present (11 years and going)
National Youth Leadership Forum on Medicine Summer 03
CUNY College Now Program- Summer 2002, Summer 2004 </p>

<p>I am undecided in what I want to major in (maybe physics, chem, engineering, neuroscience), but I definitely want to be a Pre-Med. Please tell me your opinion. How are my chances?? Please be honest!!!!!!</p>

<p>I forgot to add this:
Summer 2002: Toured India for a month
Feb. 2004- Touring London and maybe going to Germany for World Youth Day</p>

<p>You have an interesting life. However, you need to pare down your activities by picking the most important ones or grouping them together. Otherwise, if you send a jumbled resume, the adcoms are going to go into convulsions. Do you have a chance to take the SAT I again? It's good to get verbal above 700. Hmm ... other schools to consider ... NYU and Boston U might give you a good merit scholarship. What are you interested in as a major? Other school choices depend on that.</p>

<p>thanks...the 1400 was my 2nd time taking the SAT...I DID REALLY BAD THE FIRST TIME....I am hoping to do better on my SAT IIs...and I mean really hoping. I was thinking neuroscience as my major, but I might apply undecided to Princeton..My guidance conselor wants to send in a resume. How I put my activities here is exactly how it appears..Is it a good idea to send in a resume; I'm using the common application?? I also have done a research project in high school, Should I send in an abstract??? Thank you soo much for you help, any other advice???</p>

<p>Yeah, trust me: I know about really bad the first time. Try 170 point improvement. You 700 is good for SAT IIs so far. My suggestion on the resume: Good idea, but try to group your ideas more: music, writing, ect. I don't know about the abstract - I'm a lost applicant myself.</p>

<p>You are applying primarily to reaches (don't worry--they are not out of reach). As far as the abstract, only send it if its something significant that will make a bona fide college professor go "hm..." (i.e. oxygen). But seriously, keep in mind that you will be competing with kids who have invented some pretty neat things. If you think your project is up to the task, then please feel free to let the adcoms know!</p>

<p>best of luck~

<p>ur total GPA is over 100? is that even possible?</p>

<p>Jellybean24, I went up 180 pts on the SAT lol.. As for my project, I didn't invent anything. It was a research project on a disease increase in a certain area. Studyguy346- 100.103 is my weighted GPA.. Any tips on how to make my application stand out more??? I taught children piano and music theory but that was mostly before high school into freshman year. I am also a Math and AP Physics B peer tutor at my school. I also am serving as Math and Science teacher's aid (TA) (grade papers and hold review classes for students). Are these good things to add?? Would it make me stand out more???</p>

<p>It depends on your research project. If it's a typical term paper, no. I think I'd be really hesitant to include anything. And again: group your activities into music, math, etc. For the TA thing and peer tutor thing, were they for a class? Then don't include them. Don't include stuff before high school unless you continued it into high school (ex. 12 years of piano). Again, this is just my advice based on what I've decided for myself and general knowledge.</p>

<p>Mucho gracias!!!! You guys ROCK!!! The TA is not for a class.</p>