Any chance?

<p>I really, really, really love Georgetown and I have wanted to go there since I visited there when I was thirteen. (I'm now going to be a junior btw) Its not the only school that I am looking at but it is definitely my top choice. On a score of 100, my unweighted GPA is a 97.5 and weighted it is 103. I am I am in all Honors classes and skipped my freshman requirements for Spanish. </p>

<p>Here is my schedule this year:
Spanish 3</p>

<p>My schedule for the next two years includes:
Chemistry AP
Calculus Honors and AP
English AP
US History AP
Anatomy and Physisiology (I'm not a talented speller)
Creative Writing
Religion Jr Year
Christian Service (Senior Year religion)
Spanish 4 (this is as high as our school goes)
Physics AP or Senior Thesis</p>

Model UN (leading officer)
Student Council
Student Ambassador
Math League
Science League
Swim Team (hopefully captain senior year)
Sailing Team (captain senior year)
Spanish Club
Church reader
Jr. Commodore (like kid's representation at a yacht club)</p>

<p>I am also planning on attending their summer program next year for medicine and I am working on a major community service project for next year but I already have clocked in over 150 hours in two years through food drives, fundraising, etc. I am not valedictorian, but I am in the top 10 and there are 260 kids in my entire class. I am interested in majoring in Creative Writing and Business and minoring in Chemistry. (I know, that's a bizare combination.) I know they want you to show passion about something and I am very passionate about sailing, so my volunteer project is through that and I write a blog for girls who sail. My majore concern is that I will not do well on my ACTs/SATs because I'm not a great standardized test taker, but I know I'll do well on my AP exams. </p>

<p>Do you think I have a chance of getting into Georgetown?</p>