Any chances and advice?

<p>Hi! I am a junior and I am not sure if I will even have a shot at Georgetown and any advice on how to do better and improve would be appreciated.</p>

<p>Some of my stats:
4.2 weighted gpa
AP World-4
currently taking APUSH ( I am taking most rigorous classes offered)
will be interning with a district DA
NHS member
French NHS member
French Club(treasurer)
Buisness Club
have taken all the honors courses my school has offered so far(junior)
I am aiming for 1800-1900 on SATs which I will take in Nov.(I know I need wayy higher)
SAT 2 World- 620 (might re-take sometime in future)
SAT 2 Chemistry- 530</p>

<p>Any advice or tips on how to become a better candidate in the years I have left (junior and senior)</p>

<p>I look to major in Political Science(or History) and maybe double in Chemistry. I am very passionate about both and need to further develop skills for Chem.
P.S. I rank in top 12% oh my school (parochial/private)</p>

<p>Thanks for any help!!</p>

<p>Your standardized test scores aren't all that impressive. It's great that you've taken an AP course in sophomore year already, and that you're taking the most rigorous courseload possible at your school. Make sure that you continue to do so in senior year. However, while a 4 on an AP test isn't bad, a 620 and 530 aren't really Georgetown levels- especially if you want to major in those areas. Since Georgetown doesn't do score choice, those are bound to stand out in your application. Make sure that you either retake those, or take other SAT subject tests, to strengthen your credentials- some 700+ scores would help a lot. </p>

<p>As for ECs- an internship is great. In your junior and senior years, don't forget to be active in ECs and other activities, and make sure that you enjoy what you're doing. Finding something that you are passionate about and going after it is a good plus, and make sure that you have fun and aren't just "resume padding". If you take a leadership role in something that you're passionate about, great.</p>

<p>Finally, in these last two years its essential that you keep your grades up. Junior year is the most important year for your applications, so try to not let your grades slip. A good GPA will keep you competitive when you go to apply, while a bad one will just drag you down. Good luck and try to have fun- these might be the best years of your life.</p>

<p>Thank you sooo much for the advice . Would there be a way where Georgetown doesn't have to see my SAT 2 scores. I wasn't aware that they didn't use score choice. Would I have to report these scores anyways?? If I do retake will they only see the better or latest grade? I am also going to keep my grades up and will be taking the Sat 1 soon . :)</p>

<p>Georgetown wants to see all results from all testing. I believe that they will give you the benefit of the higher scores, but they want to see them all. It is probably best to be honest and not try to supress anything because honesty is the best policy and colleges put a lot of value in that!</p>

<p>Thank you ! It's just that I winged the Chem SAT 2 and didn't study for it at all. I would rather just not show that if it doesn't show my true efforts. I only took it because it was already paid for and didn't see any harm in it at the time.</p>