Any chances to get admitted to UNF?

<p>I just sent my college application to UNF a week ago,
My ACT score is pretty average 22
My GPA is 3.7
All my classes are honors and AP 2 classes are dual enrollment
I was Vice President of French club my junior year
I can speak 3 languages fluently, French Arabic and English and I am learning Spanish
I got a 730 in French SAT
My first language is French
I am on the track team too
That's pretty much all please tell me what you guys think, I would really appreciate it, which me luck!</p>

<p>I’d say low match; I don’t think UNF is a school that values ECs highly.</p>

<p>Well my cousin got in with a 3.4 and a 23 ACT score, so I don’t understand.</p>

<p>North Florida? Yeah. You should be fine</p>