Any chances?

<p>Residence: CA
GPA:4.0 ranking between 10%-15%
SAT1: 1790-460CR 800M 530WR
SAT2: 800-math2c 800-chinese 730-physics
AP Scores: AP physics B-5 Chinese-5
Junior classes: precalcH, physics AP, us history, chinese 5a(AP), PE, and English 3
Senior classes: Chem AP, Chinese AP, Calc BC(AP), English 4, Civics, and Psychology AP
Weak EC and awards- only 130 community service
want to major in engineering but don't know which one yet(probably not anything related to bio)
by the way i just came to America 4 years
Asian male
I know my SAT scores are pretty low plz give me some advices to improve my chance to get into UCSD~~~
thank you very much</p>

<p>Write stellar personal statements and try to earn some last minute awards (I know my community offered monthly awards for community service) ... do some more community service too =\ I would say don't expect to be admitted due to the low SAT score, fairly low GPA, and weak ECs, but take my opinion with a grain of salt. I'm not the one admitting people, haha.</p>

<p>bump for more reply thx~~~~~~~~~~</p>

<p>For sure you are getting in. . .after seeing your resume I am astonished I even got in!!!
My SAT was 1740 and my GPA was only 3.7
Plus, I wrote my personal statement the day it was due so yah. . .</p>

<p><em>shrug</em> i'd say youre in for sure but i dunnoa bout that major engineering gets pretty competitive... and engineers there are a little.. off... i dunno haha. some warren people don't seem all together haha but thats just my perspective from erc.</p>

<p>High match</p>

<p>Your SAT II scores make up for your SAT I. Just retake the SATI, work on those ECs, and write a good essay.</p>

<p>You will be fine for sure. You just have to write a decent personal statement and you should get in. ECs aren't really that big of a deal. I didn't participate in anything during high school and still got in UCSd with 150 hrs of community service.</p>