Any Chances?

<p>I really want to get into either UNC or Wake, I know my chances are pretty low because I'm just a normal student....but please let me know what are the chances of me getting in to UNC or Wake! Thxs (I'm currently a Junior)</p>

-Art I: A
-Orchestra: A
-Pe/Health: A
-Honor Civics and Economic: B
-Honor Environmental: B
-Honor Geometry: B
-Honor English: B</p>

-Honor English: B
-Honor Alg II: B
-Honor Biology: A
-Honor Orchestra: A
-Latin I: A
-AP World History: B</p>

-Honor Orchestra: A
-AP US History: B
-AP Psychology: C
-Honor English:
-Latin II: C
-Honor Chemistry: A
-Honor Pre-Cal: B</p>

<p>Senior: (Classes I'm Taking)
-Honor English:
-IB Math Studies:
-Honor Orchestra:
-IB Biology:
-AP Human Geography:
-AP Chinese:</p>

<p>Classes I will be taking this summer:
-Honor Anatomy and Physiology</p>

<p>Clubs I'm in:
-Student for Sobriety - Science Olympiad - POP (Helps the freshman) FTA (Future teacher Ass.)
-SMART Club - Student Council - American Red Cross Club
-Photography Club - Prom Committee - Gay Straight Alliance
-Drama Club - Math Club - Sierra Club
-Invisble Children Club - Junior Classical League (Latin Club)
-International Club -HAHA (Save homeless animals) </p>

<p>Honor Society:
-National Honor Society -National Honor Music Society
-National Honor Math Society -International Thesipan Society (Drama)</p>

<p>Music Awards:
-1st place for PTA Reflection (County Level)
-2nd place for PTA Reflection (State Level)
-2nd Music in the Park (National Level) : This was with the school orchestra
-All County Orchestra- Rank # 14 out of 145</p>

-Concert Master Student Council Rep.
-Principle Chair - 2nd Violin -Sound Technician(In charge of all sounds in a drama show)
-Photography Club- President -American Red Cross Club- Vice President
-Photography Club- Treasurer -JCL (Latin Club) - Historian
-Photography Club- Secretary
-National Honor Music Soceity- Historian</p>

<p>Volunteer: (More to come!)
-Sung at the Retirement Home -Blood Drive
-Play(Violin) at the Retirement Home -Food Drive
-Play(Violin) For Kids at Barnes and Noble -Coin Drive
-Play(Piano) For a play/show - Build set for Plays/Show
-Play(Piano and Violin) For a Wedding - Did sound for Black History Month
-Taught little kids to Skate</p>

-Figure Skate</p>

<p>My friend and I are getting a club started this summer, WWF(World Wildlife Fund), trying to the American Red Cross Club starting back up because the teacher left, and maybe a science club or music club. </p>

<p>If you need additional Info, Let me know!!! Thxs!!!!</p>

<p>P.S. My first SAT score was low...I will see how I do on the 2nd time and the ACT. If is bad, I know is optional to send in score to Wake, however, any advice on if I still should or not? I will also be taking the chinese subject test and maybe U.S. History.</p>


<p>it is varsity science olympiad</p>

<p>If you are not in-state you have very little chance of getting into Chapel Hill. Just by the sheer number it is like 19% OOS. Then once you subtract URMs, athletes, legacies, etc. the numbers are very small. Even in-state you are going to want to submit your SATs, because as a larger school their admissions process is going to be much less holistic.</p>

<p>As far as Wake are in the ballpark, but I would work on your essays, get outstanding recommendations, and nail your interview. That will really distinguish you from the rest of the applicant pool. Best of luck.</p>