any chances???

<p>my (gpa) grade is very low because i screwed up freshmanan/ sophomore year of my highschool( i got like 2.0 ) . i did much better in my jr year (3.6). so my avrg gpa is around 3.1</p>

<p>I did many EC such as :
club vp(1yr),pres(will be doing in my senior yr),chaircommittee (2yr)
same sport for 4yrs
jr class treasure
1 of the 4 that planned prom
involved in organizing school assembly
the nxt yr i was the head organizer for the same assembly
community service (100 hrs)</p>

<p>I am passionate in taking photos and plan to apply for photography major. do i have any chance in getting in any of the UCs or any private school????</p>

<p>There are thousands of private colleges. You could get into many, especially if you can afford to pay for them. For the UCs, Merced and Riverside are your best bet. Have you taken the SATs?</p>

<p>yes i got 1900
and now planning to take ACT</p>

<p>is it perhaps easier to get in if your going for art major ???</p>