Any Christian colleges with strong Computer Science programs?

<p>My son has applied to a ton of schools w/good comp sci programs--but they are almost all large 'party' schools. Any suggestions (if it's not too late!!) of Christian schools w/strong comp sci programs would be very much appreciated!!</p>

<p>The Dept of Computer Science at Calvin College offers an ABET-accredited bachelors degree in computer science. [Confession: I am the chair of that department.] And in the last study of its kind, the National Science Foundation found that Calvin produced more grads who went on to earn PhDs in computer science than any other baccalaureate college. The department's home page is at Calvin</a> College Computer Science, and there is more about your particular question at Calvin</a> College Computer Science - Frequently Asked Questions of Incoming Students. I'd encourage you and your son to come and visit! My e-mail address is on my home page; feel free to follow up that way if you prefer. All the best, -Joel.</p>

<p>check out Grove City College in PA....small christian college but strong computer science and even engineering program.</p>

<p>Thank you JoelAdams, I'll check that out. Hopefully not too late for son to apply for 09?? </p>

<p>Robinsnest--son knows several people at Grove City--looks wonderful (to me) but he says he wants more diversity of experience. Thanks for the thought, though!</p>

<p>I second Grove City- I have two friends who are going there for computer science.</p>

<p>Wheaton, Calvin, and Grove City would be good placed to start. </p>

<p>This is one area where Biola (which I normally vaunt as one of the top Christian Universities) isn't as strong as others.</p>

<p>I currently go to Taylor University and am SO glad that I chose Taylor over the state schools that I was planning on going to (University of Illinois or Missouri Science & Tech, both of which are very respected for their computer science programs). Taylor's academics really are up to par with the state schools. I had an internship with Chick-fil-A last summer (which is a very difficult internship program to get into) and was there along with GA Tech students and even a Yale student. Taylor University has been named the U.S World News Best Regional College for the fifth straight year. Their Computer Engineering degree is ABET accredited and has a great Computer Science program with lots of areas of specialization including Artificial Intelligence, Software Studio, Graphics, Business Information Systems, and Scientific Computing. They also have a unique Computer Science - New Media degree which integrates communications and the graphic arts into the core Computer Science degree. Check out the CSE website-- and the Taylor website -- Home</a> Page - Taylor University</p>

<p>I second your son's observations re: GCC. Excellent computer science students. Beyond that, I'd be sorely disinclined to its quality. And like all computer models ... good outputs are only possible with good inputs. </p>

<p>Trying to run engineering and technology programs on the cheap are doomed to be, well, cheap.</p>

<p>I'm a 3.9 gpa computer science student at a 2-year community college looking at transfer programs at christian colleges and am having a hard time deciding myself.</p>

<p>The top programs that I've run across are those at Union University, Taylor University, Calvin College, Cedarville University, Wheaton College, Houghton College, Grove City College, Gordon College, Huntington University, Pepperdine University, Southwest Baptist University, and Biola University. I must confess that I haven't checked out all of these programs very closely (save the top 5 or so) so I'm not any expert but I hope that helps. Any other thoughts?</p>