Any colleges need more than Algebra2 and Statistics for Education or Psychology major?

My high school sophomore daughter “thinks” she is headed towards elementary education or possibly psychology/human development as a major. She is trying to figure out which classes to take for her junior year.

Junior year: choices are pre calc or statistics
Senior year: AP statistics if she does stats in junior year or regular stats if she does pre calc

She is 100% sure there is not chance to switch to engineering/computer science, etc. We think stats and AP stats might be more useful for her current plan, but worried that the math level looks too easy and although the college says Algebra 2 is all that is required they might really be looking for higher levels.

Any thoughts/advice?

She has narrowed it down to places like University of Oregon, Oregon State, University of College Boulder, Colorado State Fort Collins and her major reach school is Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. Still early so likely to consider a few others…


I would have her take Pre-Calculus Junior year and AP Stats Senior year. She may change her mind about schools and majors, so having at least Pre-Calculus under her belt would help if she was required to take any Calculus courses in College.

Odd that your high school requires a lower level statistics course before AP statistics, which normally requires only algebra 2 as a prerequisite. College introductory statistics courses that AP statistics emulates typically only want the equivalent of high school algebra 2 as a prerequisite.

Check colleges to see what math they require to graduate in her possible majors.

CPSLO does add admission points for each semester of advanced math (precalculus or calculus) up to 4: