Any colleges with full merit aid for my stats?

I am a high school senior and need to start making more decisions on college types. I have a few schools that I have applied to or am in the process of applying to, but I know there are so many to choose from, Honestly, I’m just nervous and feel a little lost in all the options.

The most important things for me right now in my college search is undergraduate research opportunities and MERIT- based scholarships. Otherwise, I do not have any big preferences, so fire away. Any suggestions on schools is much appreciated.

I want to major in something chemistry-based (biochem, gen chem, chem engineering).
I am considering double majoring in Chem+Spanish or maybe a minor in Spanish or art
I think I want my job to be researched-based once I graduate
My hobbies include painting, reading, learning, teaching kids, yoga

Here are some of my stats
-ACT- 36 (each subject)
-5’s: AP Chem, AP Pysch, AP US history, AP Human Geo, AP Lang
-4’s: AP Spanish lang, AP Euro,

  • 3: AP Stats
    -GPA- 4.0 unweighted and 4.68 unweighted
    -I will have taken 5 sciences and 5 math classes
    -My pSAT score got me a “small town” recognition)
    -I am a National Merit semifinalist
    -Don’t rank, but will be one of the valedictorians at my hs (based on ACT)

This years schedule:
AP Gov, AP Econ, AP Bio, AP Spanish Lit, Art II, AP Eng Lit, AP Calc, AP Physics

-Nat Spanish Honor Society (Secretary last year, president this year)
-Nat Honor Society
-tutored elementary kids and volunteered at science week
-Leader in Advertisement for hosting a Dance Marathon at my high school
-Chem Olympiad
-started a book club
-helped found astronomy club(secretary)

If there is anymore info you would need to help me out, please let me know :slight_smile:

Do you mean full ride, and do you mean automatic?

Automatic full rides for stats have been getting less common over the years (most or all have become smaller or competitive, or just no longer available). National Merit Finalist based automatic scholarships seem to be somewhat more available.

Research-based jobs in chemistry are more likely at the PhD level (BA/BS level jobs may be more likely to be low paid lab technicians and such). But even at the PhD level, the job market in chemistry may be very competitive.

Florida schools. You may be competitive for some competitive full rides as well, but they are very competitive.

@Alwaysimproving7 have you seen for list?
“ College-sponsored Merit Scholarships. In the 2022 competition, it is expected that about 4,100 National Merit Scholarships will be offered to Finalists who plan to attend a sponsor college or university. (See the list of about 180 colleges that currently are Merit Scholarship sponsors, beginning on page 20.) A college-sponsored scholarship is renewable for up to four years of undergraduate study at the sponsor institution. It cannot be transferred; therefore, it is canceled if a winner does not attend the college financing the award.”

Are you looking for automatic full rides? You might head over to the National Merit section on this website (it is a sub forum under financial aid). The people there know a lot about which schools offer free rides to NM.

Florida schools, Alabama, Arizona schools, UTD.