Any comments on the Arts Scholars or Art & Architectural programs?

My daughter has HWS on her short list, and was offered an Arts Scholarship this year. She is doing her re-visit in April. Are there any current or recent art and/or architecture students that can tell us more about their experiences in these departments? Or any comments on whether or not being an Arts Scholar has any advantage other than a financial one? Please help!

Hello! I’m a current architecture student at HWS and have to say that the program here is fabulous. There’s a small, dedicated faculty who become very close with and invested in their students, which I think is what makes it most worth while. The program is mainly focused on learning the design process, hand-drawing/modeling, and having an interdisciplinary experience (history, environmental, and urban studies courses are required for the major). It’s definitely one of the harder majors on campus - you eventually basically live on the arts campus and studio classes have a significant amount of work. However, I also think it’s very rewarding, and I’m really happy that I decided to do architecture. The professors are also really helpful with building a portfolio and exploring career/grad school options throughout your whole time there, which is really relevent to me right now as a junior. I don’t do studio art but the facilities are great, and from the studios are taken I’m sure you can’t go wrong.

Thank you sarah, that’s very helpful and I’m glad you like the major so much! i’ll pass your comments along to my daughter.

My cousin is a WS fine arts grad. She landed a nice job directly out of school. Her career took off quickly. She’s currently a partner a NYC Ad Firm producing commercials. In addition to her art training, she writes clearly, speaks convincingly, and can hold her own in a meeting filled with hyper-opinionated heavyweights.