Any commuters here? Advice needed.

<p>My parents are moving up to NorCal this summer because my dad got a job up here. They are planning to get a house less than 20 miles away from campus and give me a car so I can commute to school and save money.</p>

<p>I am scared that moving back to home means no social life. My parents are really chill, so I can probably go home late and stay in Berkeley some nights. </p>

<p>Commuters, has living at home affected your social lives and schoolwork?</p>

<p>I am a freshman who commuted last semester and moved into the dorms this semester. I'm getting a lot more done here since I hole myself in the libraries and stuff to avoid noisy floormates. At home, I usually just chill and waste a ton of time since I don't feel like anyone is around me...or sees what I'm doing...or something like that. </p>

<p>What's that? Social Life? hahaha granted I left before dark most days since I didn't like some of the people I met on bart at night. Join some clubs, stay late a couple days, find some people you can connect/crash with, and you should be set. </p>

<p>Commuting is tiring though, but seeing as you have a car, it should be under 30 mins, which is decent.</p>

<p>Driving = hassling with parking. You may want to investigate public transportation options as well.</p>

<p>^ true that. It's expensive too.</p>

<p>Commute to school on BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit). There are stations throughout the area in all directions. If your folks are going to be living within 20 miles of campus, that could still be an hour-long commute, from your home to your first class, in traffic. Some BART stations have better parking then others so make sure you check this out as well. Good luck!</p>