any connection between sending tax forms and acceptance?

<p>Does anybody know if there's a higher chance of being accepted if we send in our tax forms (for people that filed for financial aid). I don't feel like turning them in without knowing if I got into USC or not.</p>


<p>i would just send them in as soon as possible since they are figuring out all the financial aid stuff now. they'll at least have it there if you do get in.</p>

<p>I don't work for USC, but my guess is financial aid is independent of acceptance to the university because some acceptance letters have already been sent out.</p>

<p>I don't think financial aid has anything to do with acceptances.</p>

<p>It says to send the finaid forms by May, so I doubt they have anything to do with being accepted.</p>

<p>i doubt there is any correlation</p>

<p>I thought there was a connection also. My parents didn't finish their tax return stuff until last week, so I emailed USC and asked if sending in the '07 tax return paperwork late would jeopardize my chances at getting in. They said the Admissions Office & the Financial Aid Office have no connection to each other at all. I was happy to read that...</p>

<p>Financial aid has nothing to do with Admission. The offices are at the same location (at least according to mailing address), but they are essentially two different departments. Send the stuff in though!! You definitely want to be considered for FinAid and if they don't have your stuff, you won't get the best offer at the time they are supposed to tell you.</p>

<p>In case anyone wants to know this...</p>

<p>I called the finaid office today to check on tax forms (i know, i know, don't bug them, but i had a good reason i swear...) and if you listen to the automated message, they have a lot of useful information. apparently there are "no deadlines" for freshman financial aid documents, they just want them as soon as possible. Also, financial aid letters will come out the first week of april, given they have your forms. When i finally talked to a human, they said my tax forms had only been attached to my file TODAY, even though i sent them about a month ago. so if you're worried about your status, they're just sorting through stuff. </p>

<p>it might be redundant, but still useful. If you want to hear yourself, just listen and then hang up.</p>