Any cons about Vassar?

I can’t go because it’s too expensive, so I was hoping someone could give me some negative things about Vassar to help me feel better. For example, I heard it’s very theater-orientated, and I’m not at all a theater person. Would I not fit in? Stuff like that, thanks

I’m a current Vassar student and I will PM you about my experiences.

I’d be interested too for my son.

@teabiscuit - Have you actually run the numbers? Vassar gives AMAZING financial aid based on need, and you don’t even have to be poor to receive it. My wife and I are both professional people making decent salaries, and we received enough financial aid to cover just barely more than tuition. It was cheaper for us to send our daughter to Vassar than it was to some state schools in our state and well below what it would have cost to send her to lesser private colleges in our state. If you haven’t used the Net Price Calculator, please go do that.

@teabiscuit, I don’t have anything negative to add, but I can second what stepay says about aid being generous. Perhaps the only consolation I can offer is that there are SO many colleges, there are sure to be more that can meet your expectations.

As far as Vassar being Theatre-oriented, it is true that the theatre offerings, for both students and audiences, are AMAZING. By no means, however, is theatre the only draw. Because Vassar is on the larger side for an LAC (compared to some of the other “elites” like Haverford, Swarthmore, Grinnell, etc.) there seems to be something for everyone. My son - for whom theatre is merely a spectator sport - could not be happier. PM me if you want more info.

Yes, this is not uncommon, that Vassar can be cheaper than in-state tuition at home-state schools for many people. You may want to have a dialog with the financial aid folks. They base aid on demonstrated need, but have been known to look again at the numbers to see if adjustments can be made.

While theater is strong at Vassar other departments are also very strong, psych, literature, the sciences.