Any current engineering students or recent grads?

Son visited Quinnipiac and really loved it. He’ll likely be a Civil Engineering major. It’s such a new program that we’re looking for additional information on the engineering program. For any recent grads or current students, can you share your experience? How is the program, faculty? How are the students? What about the school as a whole? What is the vibe? My son is pretty laid back, easy to get along with. While he probably won’t have a lot of down time he does want a school that has a lot going on for when he does need to decompress. He plays hockey but won’t likely get on the D1 or D2 team - anyone happen to play on the intramural team and can speak to that? Thanks for any further insight into this school.

My son is applying to civil as well @taverngirl and I also wonder about how grads are faring. He really loves the campus.