Any Current/Recent Berkshire folks out there?

We are trying to determine the best choice for my DD. We would really appreciate candid insider information about Berkshire from those who have associated with the school in the recent past! TIA!

Calling @cameo43.

She said she was too far removed


My daughter is a senior at Berkshire and I would be happy to answer questions. She has had a great experience and has blossomed over the four years from being relatively shy to an active tour guide and a prefect in the freshman girls’ dorm. The school community is genuinely warm and welcoming. In addition, she has flourished academically and is heading to Yale next year. I actually have never used college confidential, so not sure how this works…but please DM me and we can go from there…


Would love to connect on what you find. Berkshire is one of DDs top choices (mine too) but want to know more about the community

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@buuzn03 - Did your student end up at Berkshire? Any updates on the culture or way the new students are incorporated into the community? It is a school that looks very appealing to our student, but we would also love some “insider info” on what it’s really like. Anyone else (@Parkview25 - did your student choose Berkshire?) feel free to chime in as well!

I can’t offer particular insight, but I live 30 minutes from Berkshire, and every family I know that sent their child there has been very happy.


Resurrecting this thread because DD has been accepted to Berkshire and wanted to see if anyone here had any updates? It’s her 2 nd choice and she was WL at 1st so we have all intentions of going, but of course wanted to see if anyone else had ended up going and had insights. Thanks!

Calling @cameo43 who was a dorm parent at Berkshire for several years. She loved the school.

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I feel like Berkshire is our biggest regret. We came so close to choosing it, but decided to go elsewhere. I really feel I let a diamond slip through our fingers. And @cameo43 gave us excellent insight to the school.


@Zsazsa77 I don’t have any kids who went to Berkshire, but we considered it closely for two of my girls. One thing we did as part of our school research was we looked up videos on Youtube for all the schools (so like promotional videos, or videos of school-wide events, etc…just googled them with name of school + YouTube). And then we looked closely at the faces and body language of the kids we would see in the videos who were NOT the main presenter…like the kids who didn’t fully even realize they were be filmed. This exercise was incredibly telling! We saw HUGE differences in how the non-central students related to one another in their expression, in how they hugged or high-fived, etc. And from this exercise, we got the impression that Berkshire was an uncommonly kind and warm community. A real gem. I would send my kid there with a joyful heart, fully anticipating joining a truly special place. I agree with @buuzn03 – it’s a real diamond. :). My DD2 ended up not applying there for completely unrelated reasons, and DD3 did apply and was initially waitlisted, so we never attended revisits (so I can’t speak to the validity of our Youtube theory). But, I have a hunch it’s fantastic community!!

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Thanks for the insight! That’s the impression we had after our initial visit, and sadly I just can’t make the revisit thing work to reaffirm that feeling.

I loved Berkshire and got the impression it would be a great place, but my daughter just didn’t “vibe” with it when we visited. We have plenty of other options, but it was the first school I fell in love with when researching so I was sad to see it go off the list.

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