Any Current/Recent Berkshire folks out there?

We are trying to determine the best choice for my DD. We would really appreciate candid insider information about Berkshire from those who have associated with the school in the recent past! TIA!

Calling @cameo43.

She said she was too far removed


My daughter is a senior at Berkshire and I would be happy to answer questions. She has had a great experience and has blossomed over the four years from being relatively shy to an active tour guide and a prefect in the freshman girls’ dorm. The school community is genuinely warm and welcoming. In addition, she has flourished academically and is heading to Yale next year. I actually have never used college confidential, so not sure how this works…but please DM me and we can go from there…


Would love to connect on what you find. Berkshire is one of DDs top choices (mine too) but want to know more about the community

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@buuzn03 - Did your student end up at Berkshire? Any updates on the culture or way the new students are incorporated into the community? It is a school that looks very appealing to our student, but we would also love some “insider info” on what it’s really like. Anyone else (@Parkview25 - did your student choose Berkshire?) feel free to chime in as well!

I can’t offer particular insight, but I live 30 minutes from Berkshire, and every family I know that sent their child there has been very happy.