Any current student: what's the new building...

<p>between 39th and 40th on Walnut gonna be? Was at Penn Friday, go back every few years to see what's's about 8-10 stories, north side of the street, quite substantial.</p>

<p>btw Walnut Str in general looks nice. So does 40th Street from the dental school north, even past 40th. That was pretty seedy when I was there. Penn just gets better and better...</p>


<p>It's called the Radian. It's not Penn-owned housing though.</p>

<p>It is Penn-owned, but it's not a "College House". Very upscale student housing.</p>

<p>Technically it is built on Penn-owned land. Penn leased the land to the company building the Radian for 99 years, at which point we are all dead and ownership of the building reverts to Penn.</p>

<p>It's Penn's clever way of getting what it REALLY wants from this development (gentrification) without having to foot the bill for it.</p>

<p>If they want to gentify that block, get rid of the McDonald's.</p>

<p>McDonald's owns the land and refuses to sell. Don't you think Penn already tried?</p>

<p>Penn tried to get mcdonalds to move a few blocks farther from campus. There was an outcry from the community that Penn was trying to separate the student and native populations.</p>

<p>This outcry was of course perfectly correct. Unfortunately even Judith Rodin, the most large-testicled president Penn has ever had, didnt have the balls to say it, so now we are stuck with ghetto mctownies for the foreseeable future.</p>

<p>The university did succeed in getting rid of a burger king on 40th st. It was nicknamed murder king. Now a marathon grill and bridge cinema stand in murder kings place and radiate gentrification happiness</p>

<p>To be far, 12 Lounge inside the bridge really is more of a local hangout than a student spot.</p>

<p>Come on, the bridge is hardly an example of gentrification. Have you been inside? I understand that was the motivation, but it did not work out like that at all. What's interesting there is 12 lounge vs MarBar - two totally different client</p>

<p>Clearly you are not familiar with the Burger King/Murder King that came before it. Warts and all, the Marathon/Bridge complex is a huge improvement over what used to be there.</p>

<p>That's the advantage of starting from such a low base ;)</p>

<p>Don't like Sansom Commons/University Square? It used to be a surface parking lot/crime magnet/gaping psychological chasm between the main campus and Penn Law.</p>

<p>Don't like the Domus apartment? It used to be...a surface parking lot and crime magnet.</p>

<p>Don't like the Hub? used to be a ghetto strip. Don't like the ghetto strip next to the Hub? Well you're in luck because it's being torn down to make way for Hub II.</p>

<p>And returning to the 3900 block of Walnut, that was a grossly inefficient use of space as a one-story strip mall, not to mention it was ghetto-tastic.</p>

<p>And no matter how bad the University screws up the postal lands, they'll still be better than the industrial wasteland they are now.</p>