Any current UM students out there?

<p>I'm planning to major in chemistry/biology and I was wondering if any students could shed some light on how the college of arts and sciences is (professors, level of difficultly of classes, research opportunities)</p>

<p>Also, I plan to be pre-med so I was wondering how many resources are available to pre-med students (organizations, counselor, mock interviews?) and is there a hospital nearby to volunteer at/shadow?</p>

<p>I know about the social aspect of UM but can't say I know much about the academics so id be great to hear from someone!</p>

<p>Just noticed I placed this in the wrong thread. My apologies. Hope to still get replies.</p>

<p>You should specify what you mean my "UM". Michigan? Maryland? Minnesota? (You get the idea.)</p>

<p>Sorry- university of Miami</p>

<p>Mango15 My S is a freshman at Miami. He has a science major and is on the pre-med track. There are many resources available for pre-med students. There is a pre-med advising office ( look on the website), pre-health clubs/organizations, volunteering and research opportunities. The medical school/hospital complex is in downtown Miami, a 20 minute train ride away. I believe the U has a great reputation for pre-med and that is a major reason he chose to attend. He is quite happy at the U and so far after 1 full semester and a few weeks of this semester he has no complaints about any of his professors ( of course there are some that you will like better than others). If you are going back to visit the school this spring I suggest you make an appointment with the pre-med office advisor and/or bio/chem dept professor to find out more about the programs.</p>

<p>check the website ratemyprofessors for university of miami. You can do a search by department and can read how the professors are rated and what the students are saying. My daughter works hard for her science grades and some teachers have been better than others. Good luck gidget</p>