Any current Willamette students or parents around CC?

Dd seems to be down to her final 2 - Willamette vs Lewis and Clark. Before she makes the final call I was just wondering if anyone is out there who goes to either or whose kid goes to either. She’s interested in psychology, biology, or exercise science at the moment, plus some sort of vocal ensemble/choir for fun.

Anyway, if you are there now, do you love it? Hate it? Wish you’d gone somewhere else? Thanks!

My D is a freshman at Willamette. She looked at both schools but felt the Willamette had a tighter community feel. Lewis and Clark seems to attract kids who are interested in Portland while Willamette kids are focused on the college (let’s face it Salem isn’t Portland). So far she seems very happy there. Has made good friends, joined many clubs and finds the academics challenging and interesting. She’s also a Bio major.

Thanks @lab317 - After two visits with overall good impressions, S committed to Willamette yesterday. We parents are also comfortable, having good interactions with multiple students and staff/faculty and enjoying the campus dining/bistro, etc. as well as surrounding area (south mostly). Nothing is perfect, but happy to hear your description of “challenging and interesting” academics. S is targeting Theatre for at least one major, also interested in exercise science, math/econ combination, etc. Would love to hear more about the living environment and extent to which partying may or may not dominate the dorms? S got the feeling that he could avoid pressure to drink/drug if he prefers, although pot in evidence during admitted student overnight (I thought they’d be on better behavior for that but have heard the same/worse at other schools).

The theater program is apparently great and has recently been recognized as a top program nationally.

From what my daughter says you can easily chose to avoid alcohol or drugs. Of course if that’s what you are looking for its not hard to find. Though she isn’t living in a substance free dorm, several of her friends do and she says they have really great activities (maybe better than other dorms). Definitely no pressure to participate and easy to avoid.