Any DC area scouts looking for a project?

<p>From the thread about DC's trees being killed </p>

Has anyone ever noticed all the beautiful, mature, trees in the center of the city (around the mall and government buildings)? One of the great things about D.C. is the abundance of green spaces. Well, a good number of those trees, whose replacement would take decades, are suffering from mismanagement that will eventually kill them.</p>

<p>How? They are being girdled at their base with those heavy iron grates, that have become too small for the trees' growing diameters. Whereas those grates were meant to be removed one ring at a time as the trees grew, they have been left intact, thus the trees are slowly being strangled.


<p>Seems like a problem looking for a short term, helpful and widely benificial project that would be great for an Eagle or Gold project?</p>

<p>I have no skin in this game, but just saying there may be a project here....</p>

<p>Two issues with that idea. One would probably be union-related. Believe it or not, there are unions that would get quite upset if volunteers were to take on something like this. Happened a year or two ago in PA when an Eagle Scout project was done in a city park. Two would be that the Scout may have a hard time showing leadership and everything.. It's just hard to say....</p>

<p>I agree that this is a great idea for an eagle project! The trees sound like they are either the responsibiity of either DC government or the Feds depending on where they are located. If it is DC, then it is the department of urban forestry administration. There is a organization affiliated with this department called Casey Trees; they are always looking for volunteers to help plant, maintain and inventory all the street trees of DC.</p>

<p>Another project would be to order and place the headstones at Oak Hill Cemetery in the District of Columbia for the following:</p>

<p>Frederick Argyle Aiken. He was a Civil War veteran and one of the attorneys for Mary Surratt. As a Civil War veteran his grave is eligible for a government marker. His grave is currently unmarked.</p>

<p>A group has been lobbying the producers of the movies about Mr. Aiken about a monument for his grave, but the government marker is free and needs only a group to order and place it.</p>

<p>Another unmarked grave in the same cemetery is for Major Albert E.H. Johnson. He was the private secretary for Edwin Stanton. He was the custodian for the military telegraphs during the Civil War. He is also eligible for a government marker. His grave is currently unmarked.</p>

<p>My son completed his Eagle Project about 8 months ago. He worked with someone who had the town's ear and worked as a liaison, so he didn't have to jump through hoops to get approvals. The town was thrilled of what the group accomplished: 110 free hours and even presented this summary to a Town Meeting!</p>

<p>Project: re-established a trail in an under-used park. The trail had two huge fallen hemlocks that needed to be cut into logs and moved and plenty of other large overgrown bushes. The kids removed invasive species, spread out mulch (from the branches they brought out to the road). </p>

<p>Best part: My son worked with the town's liaison who had access to many organizations: scouts (of course) and Parks & Recreation (of course), a private school (who was looking for community service hours), a garden club, and a Riding club. It was a great win-win result all around.</p>

<p>Anyone who is reading this and who works for their town's Parks & Rec: I hope you can keep in contact with the Scout troops in your area. The kids love to help and often the stumbling obstacle is the run-around and delays for approvals they experience.</p>

<p>@hops scout. For an Eagle project, the leadership aspect is accomplished by organizing younger scouts to help with the project. The younger boys are eager to help, as all ranks past 2nd class require volunteer hours. </p>

<p>A Gold Award project does not require leadership as part of the project. The Gold Award requirements are currently in transistion, but the older one required 25 hours of other leadership before you could start on your Gold Project. </p>

<p>PS - My daughter received her Gold Award yesterday at our council's annual ceremony!</p>