any decisions (at all) today?

<p>I'm sorry, skaterboy. Where are you thinking of attending?</p>

<p>aww skaterboy im sorry! i have to say though your decision is giving me chills because now rejection is real! haha my hope is waning</p>

<p>Yeah I saw in another thread that some people in California for the SCA have already heard. :-/.
Very discomforting.
I know I'm an underdog for acceptance, but I think my friends kind of pushed my optimisim a little too high.
I'm trying to brace myself to be ready and okay with that little envelope, but I think it'd be harder to actually see it.
Still waiting on the mail, here.
Status changed to "acted on" today.</p>

<p>in socal, in i got uci but still still wiating on nyu</p>

<p>A friend in socal got rejected today. :(</p>

<p>San Diego reporting here with a rejection!!. I feel very sad for my DS because we are a USC family, my dad graduated from USC and taught at USC. One of his good friends is a trustee. Although I normally don't like to publish stats, my DS's are like skaterboys. 3.8 w, 3.6 uw (goes to a very hard catholic school that doesn't offer many aps and grades very hard-my ds is top ten and very few students over 4.0) sat 1970, SATII 720, 680, National Hispanic Scholar, AP Scholar, Went to LEAD SBI at Northwestern last summer and won 2 of 3 awards, has won other scholarships for leadership and attended leadership conferences. plays sports, is a key club officer, has a job, good ec's. Dean of Northwestern wrote a recommendation. Same dead wrote letter where son then won one of the competitive scholarships at Ohio State and DS got a 120K scholarship.</p>

<p>I feel bad for USC, knowing how my dad is, he is going to marching to the admission's office this afternoon. Years ago , my dad and football coach John Robinson used to get into huge fights over football. </p>

<p>Interestingly, USC said they are interested in my son transferring and have set aside some days in June to meet with him to set up a plan for that action.</p>

<p>DS was accepted to his 10 safeties and even schools with Honors College and merit scholarships so he has other choices. This rejection is just going to sting. </p>

<p>Also son's status were reviewed, forwarded (for just the past week) and then acted upon from yesterday.</p>

<p>@itsv - he never changed to "being reviewed" after forwarded but before acted upon?</p>

<p>@skaterboy - what were your status changes?</p>

<p>Rejected. This sucks so hard right now. USC was my number one school, I have no idea where I'm going to end up now.</p>

<p>Keep your spirits up people. :-/.
I know it's difficult and we're all nervous and scared and anxious.
But it's their loss.</p>

<p>What were your stats and status updates joewii?</p>

<p>2 friends in socal rejected today</p>

<p>My friend, here in SoCal, got accepted on the 13th for Mathematics.
I'm still waiting for mail. :-/</p>

<p>nothing in mail today in Northern California</p>

<p>6 socal rejections so far... :(</p>

<p>so does this mean that rejections are the only decisions being sent out???</p>

<p>I wouldn't say ONLY.
But it's definitely the start.</p>

<p>no, we just haven't seen any acceptances.</p>

<p>dreamupsided0wn, I think there are still more acceptances to come. I'm rooting for you and the others on this thread. Good luck!</p>

<p>Keep your spirits up!
Some people haven't gotten the mail yet.
And for others, there's still later days (though personally the suspense would just be horrid).
College is college.
And if you don't get in, it's their loss.
You did all you can do to make them want you.
And if they turned their heads, then just be thankful you got in anywhere else, since some students didn't even get that.</p>

<p>Cant wait for the mail... would it be safe to say the East Coast will be hearing today or tomorrow?</p>