any decisions (at all) today?

<p>especially if your status changed to "acted on" this morning? i live in new york and the wait is killing me!</p>

<p>Mine was changed to "acted on" this morning, too.
And it was only on "in committee review" for a day.
But it's still early here in SoCal, so the mail won't be here for a while. =/.</p>

<p>I'll let you know...our mail should be here in 1-2 hours and im "sick" today haha</p>

<p>I changed to "acted on" this morning. Nothing in the mail except my NYU financial aid package. v_v</p>

<p>@pveticket: did you "get sick" so you can watch for the mail?
That's genuis.</p>

<p>Same here pveticket hahaha, I woke up and told my parents theres no way I can go to school today, I would just be a nervous wreck</p>

You guys are brave.
We're on spring break, here, and I'd rather be at school keeping myself busy.
I'm sititng at my desk on my computer staring out the window at the mailbox waiting for him to come.
But it's only 11am here in socal, and lately he's been coming around 4 X.X</p>

<p>faith... im on spring break too. doing the exact same thing. my mail will be here in about 5 minutes.. IM FREAKING OUTTTT</p>

<p>I actually didn't sleep last night too much, so I woke up with a massive headache.
But i'm actually spending the day studying for midterms and watching the Fourth Kind ;)
I don't think i'm going to get in, but my financial aid for my other top pick comes today too haha</p>

<p>Good luck @CaliBound!!!
And remember, if not today, tomorrow doesn't always mean bad news!
I envy that your mail is so close!
I wish I could just pick it up from the postal service myself! :-P</p>

<p>Good luck CaliBound! I gotta wait 2 more hours for my mail</p>

<p>@Pveticket: I feel asleep at 5 and woke up at 8. I COULD NOT SLEEP.
The suspense is brutal!
At this point, I just want to know, rejection or not!
And good luck!</p>

<p>First rejection! turned back from "forwarded" to "being reviewed" on Friday, and "acted upon" on Sunday. Stats: 3.7 uw, 4.04 w; 1900 sat super score; varsity sports track (state qualifier); president of clubs, 300+ volunteer hours; internship; a job; pretty good application; pretty good interview at usc...... whaattteevvsss, it's just school</p>

<p>Awe, <a href="mailto:sorry@Skaterboy">sorry@Skaterboy</a>.
But at least you're in good spirits about it.
It's their loss.</p>

<p>Aww im sorry skaterboy...cyberhug? :) haha</p>

<p>My mail should be coming soon....and I live in la county. I'll let you know if I receive anything!</p>

<p>skaterboy, where are you from?</p>

<p>No one from socal got a rejection yet, and until we get them, no one else will. So lets just wait and see if decisions are in the mail today, and that means, everyone else will no tomorrow. GOOD LUCK EVERY 1!!!</p>

<p>I guess I'm rejected, cuz I didn't receive any email from DHL. (International -South Korea)
Washington U St. Louis(Olin), USC (marshall) , Emory U were my top choices.
Washu(waitlist), Emory U (accepted),,,
guess,,,it's Emory for me,</p>

<p>@skaterboy - :(</p>