Any disadvantage to applying early?

<p>Does anyone think there is a disadvantage to applying to UF in July or early to mid August? Do you think that they look at the applications as they come in then, or hold them until later? Do you think that if they look at your app in July or August, they might scrutinize it more and pass over you thinking there are better applicants to come? Maybe since few apply that early, your app would be under more scrutiny than when tons and tons of apps come in all at once later? Any insights would help a friend who wants to apply early because of early housing date benefits. She is a decent candidate in the top 5% of her class of 780.</p>

<p>The earlier the best! so you can begin preparing the housing things, etc.</p>

<p>your chances are not affected based on whether you apply in august or the night they're due. with 37k applications, theres not a point where they have more time to dedicate to each application, and they know that discriminating between early applicants and later applicants wouldn't really be fair.</p>

<p>When you do apply, make sure you do the $25 deposit for housing ASAP so that she has a good selection date if/when she is admitted.</p>

<p>Best. Advice. Ever. ^</p>

<p>Absolutely no disadvantage. UF doesn't even look at applications until after the deadline later this year. I got everything in by July last year and I managed to get the date that would allow me to chose my housing on the first day and I got exactly the housing I get it in ASAP.</p>

<p>Do you know when you make the housing deposit, could you be refunded if rejected?</p>

<p>No, the housing deposit is non-refundable.</p>

<p>The initial housing deposit of about $30 is not refundable if you are rejected. This is the deposit you make ASAP after you have submitted your final online application to UF(including essay, etc.). It is just part of the process and gives you a housing application date that UF will use for the date that you go online to pick your dorm room. There is a much later hefty deposit for housing, but I believe that it is after you accept UF's offer of admission.</p>