Any EA Admittants got any visitation to ND

<p>i just got an all expense paid visitation during spring break to ND
Feb 22-25
Anyone else going?</p>

<p>yeahh im mostly likely going.. so where are you from?</p>

<p>i am from NYC, are u chinese?</p>

<p>All expense paid? What do you mean? We're going to visit my son in early February, and our daughter (an EA early admit) is going to stay in Pangborn with some of his friends--so she won't be needing the full student host program. Thing is, though, we'd be totally game for free stuff... What kinds of expenses are you talking about--meals?--how did you arrange them?</p>

<p>Well from the letter, they told us that they will arrange(meaning pay) for the travel, accommodations, meals, and entertainment for all invited student. I confirmed the trip and they said they will have my flight book this week or something. This will be my first time in South Bend, so excited!!!!!</p>

<p>I think this one is for minority EA accepted students. The one is March called the Reilly weekend is for top 10% EA accepted students.</p>

<p>It is a minority recruitment trip. Sorry DD :(.</p>

<p>Irish u make it sound so negative. lol</p>

<p>I was invited to the Reilly weekend and called and told Mr. Baska (the Reilly coordinator) that I couldn't make it that weekend. He is setting up an all-expense paid trip for me (and maybe a few others) on the weekend of April 12-15.</p>

<p>It's all good anyway, irish. We are going to visit our son the first weekend of February--only time that works with all of our schedules. Our daughter is going to stay with some of his friends in Pangborn, and tag along to one of his classes or one of theirs.</p>

<p>I called admissions to see they might have for her, even though we are having her stay with my son's friends rather than a student assigned from the admissions office. They are going to give her a meal pass for all meals that weekend, as well as a pass to Rolfs and the Rock for the weekend. In addition, they have twice-daily tours originating in admissions--split into groups of prospective students and those already admitted. </p>

<p>They will also give one free meal pass to me, my husband, and our youngest son, who will be her ride to town. </p>

<p>Now I just have to talk our son into going to admissions to pick it up--he seems to be more willing to do tasks for his Navy ROTC commanders than he does for his mom (maybe I should ask them? :) )</p>

<p>They aren't covering transportation, but we'll be enjoying the 8-hour drive with the 10 year-old fourth grade boy and the 17 year-old second semester senior daughter in the back seat. Both of them are statistically gifted at spotting and activating each other's hot buttons! Makes for an interesting ride, to say the least...</p>

<p>Bottom line, if you're going to visit, call admissions. They'll set you up with a student host, meal passes, athletic facility passes and tours. If, as in our case, you have the student host thing already nailed down, you can just get the other stuff...</p>

<p>Given the price of room and board that we're paying for our son and will be next year for our daughter, we intend to give the "all u can eat" premise of the dining hall a run for its money :)</p>

<p>im gonna be there the 22nd yay. i'm from new york too and i'm chinese :D</p>

<p>hey waz up my fellow chinese brother wat part of new york u are from?
Did u receive the package from them yet?</p>

<p>hey. i'm a girl so i guess that makes me a chinese sister... ha
i'm from nassau county, u?</p>

<p>i didnt receive a visitation package from them just an email, was i supposed to receive something?</p>

<p>lol, i didnt either but in the email they mention a package will be mailed. I am from the city.</p>