Any EA applicants heard from Case Western?

Case sent us emails indicating that they would notify EA applicants on Dec 21 starting at 8pm. Has anyone heard?

Decisions were available on the portal starting last night. Have you checked the portal? My D did not get an email (or it’s in her spam) but she checked the portal.

Thanks! We have been trying to locate the portal but no success (did not receive a link after submitting application in November like we did from most schools.) Received a recent email from CWR to expect an email with an individual link to his application status. Do you know how your D accessed the portal?

Emails went out after the submission of your application with individual logins. I would suggest contacting your Admissions Officer for assistance so you can access his portal. They are all very quick to respond, or contact IT. one of them can send a direct link and log in information so you can see the decision.

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Did he check spam or do a search by keyword? My D received an email with instructions for accessing the portal a couple of days after she submitted her application. The portal has the application and financial aid checklists, etc. (most likely similar to what your S has with his other schools) I have no idea how you would access it without that email since a password has to be set up initially. I suggest contacting his Admissions rep for assistance. Hopefully they will check emails over the holiday! Good luck!!

ETA: My D did receive an email last night but after she had checked the portal and seen her decision. So she never mentioned it to me.

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Thank you! So strange we have received multiple confirmation/info emails from CWR to three addresses (son’s, husband’s, mine) but none with a link to set up an account like most other universities have sent. Not finding in spam or trash either. Glad to know admissions is responsive… Thanks so much for the responses @DramaMama2021 and @Pugglemama! (off topic: puggles are awesome!)


Good luck @mgljmom!