Any Education Transfer Students?

Hi, I’m currently in my second year at UBC and would really like to transfer to McGill’s b.Ed program next year. I have already submitted my app but McGill has little to no recent information regarding minimum gpa, relevant courses, etc for transfer applicants to this program. I was wondering if there are any students here who have transferred to the program or any others who can give me an idea of what my chances are like. I currently have a 3.4 gpa on a 4.33 scale.

If you don’t mind me asking, Why do you wanna transfer to McGill?

Primarily because their b.Ed program is exactly what I’m looking for in a b.Ed program. It’s an undergrad program I unlike most other schools so I don’t have to worry about post grad applications or anything like that. Also it’s overall a lot cheaper for me, and it just seemed like a much better fit when I visited recently.

hi! i know this post is from last year, but i’m a transfer student from another montreal uni as well with similar gpa and i was wondering if you got in?? so nervous about it!!