Any experience with California Lemon Law?

<p>Hi -</p>

<p>Has anyone used the California lemon law to get a replacement for a new car? I'm wondering how hard it is to go through this process, and if we would need a lawyer.</p>

<p>We have a lovely new Fiat 500e (electric) that has already met the lemon law requirements; it has been in the shop for more than 30 days. Apparently it's a software problem, and Chrysler says the fix will be available in two weeks - oh wait, end of October. Who knows.</p>

<p>We still like the car, even though we've only had it in our possession for a few days since we bought it. Our goal is to have a working 500e, either this car or a replacement. I'm wondering how hard it is to use the lemon law and if we should get started now, in case our current car can't be fixed. Any advice?</p>

<p>My coworker had an Audi that was Lemon Law qualified in CA. She simply went to the General Manager of the dealership and said she’d had enough and that if necessary she would make a stink (she took all her paperwork with including cancelled checks for the payments…everything). No stink necessary. All payments, down payment and all were promptly refunded. They did not want a problem. In total it took about 3 weeks. She bailed on Audi and opted for a VW and is now happy.</p>

<p>Thanks - we’d really prefer not to get our money back, but instead get a replacement (or fixed car). But maybe that’s more difficult than just getting money back.</p>

<p>Well she didn’t want a “fixed” car, she had had enough of the “we’ll fix it” game. She was also “done” with Audi. Very dissatisfied. She was prepared to get a lawyer and told them so.</p>