Any experience with math 1130? Wondering if should switch

<p>Wondering if anyone has taken 1130, College Algebra for Business. Although 1130 is the recommended course forthe the major, the student can take either 1130 or 1148, college algebra. Is not a business major, just that students in the major often end up working in the business aspect but not necessarily. This student doesn’t have plans to do so (although always a possibility).</p>

<p>Anyway, this student <em>really</em> struggles with math, had to retake remedial courses, and is now panicking about 1130 and wonders if 1148 would be the better choice, while still knowing it will be a struggle. Has anyone taken 1130 to know how difficult it might be for a poor math student with little interest in business or economics? It seems some other non-business majors are encouraged to take it, also, but not sure what the benefit would be. I don’t really know anything about either, since I had to take a different kind of math course.</p>

<p>You know your abilities better than anyone on an internet forum ever could.</p>

<p>This boils down to either taking a general, higher number math course or a specialized lower number course. One course is unlikely to be significantly easier than the other. You might end up taking the general course anyway if you change your major, even slightly. Free tutors and office hours will be your best friends regardless of which class you take.</p>

<p>Even though all that is true, your GPA is the important point. If you are certain of your major and believe you could do a letter grade or more better in the lower numbered class, then I would take that. Its about playing the game; however, I might email your adviser in order to make sure it fulfills your math requirement. </p>