Any Faculty Scholars out there?

<p>It totally surprised the beans out of me when I checked my bowdoin FA package and found the notification letter underneath. Anyone else get it? And what’s it about? I feel like I may have a lot to live up to xD</p>

<p>Congrats! I just got mine today too!
I don't know that much about it. do you know anything about the summer earnings expectation? It was mentioned in the letter.</p>

<p>Yeah, me too. :) berrybella, I was wondering the same thing and found that the summer earnings expectation was explained a bit further in the financial aid award letter...I don't have it handy, but they expect something like a $2,000 student contribution yearly, part of which could come from summer earnings.</p>

<p>Got this as well with the acceptance packet. Really nice surprise.</p>