any feedback :)

<p>Hey everyone cornells my dream and am wondering what you think about my chances :)
-probably a 3.6 gpa at the end of junior year, (3.2 freshman, 3.4 sophomore and 3.8 or so junior)
I have taken 3 honors courses and one ap (the school does not allow us to take more then 2 aps before junior year unless there is an outstanding circumstance)
-34 on the act
-740math1,800math2, taking bio and chem sat 2s in febuary both of which will be above 750 for sure, probobly above 770.
-president of the largest club at the school as a junior
-two year varsity captain
-has been a mentor/tutor since 7th grades for children with disabilities
-hopefully taking an online class in group theory through stanfords online high school next year.
-submitting an art portfolio
-well on my way to becoming a published scientist
-also part of a student help center which helps students out with their essays.
-I would also have great recs from teachers</p>

<p>Thank you in advance for any feedback :)</p>

<p>I also got a 2240 on the sat on the december sitting</p>

<p>I'm into sciences but not really engineering more arts and sciences :)</p>

<p>you have a chance. you kinda look like me and i got in.</p>

<p>Sweet thanks so much :)</p>

<p>You're a solid applicant but the only thing that I would say is that nothing stands out about your application. I think you'll get in but I probably have to kknow more to really be sure.</p>

<p>You have a solid chance but definitely not an "in" applicant</p>

<p>all right thanks so much for your feedback
my main concern is my somewhat lackluster gpa so do you guys think ive brought it up enough to be a serious applicant at elite schools like cornell?</p>

<p>Go for it. I think your stats are good enough for a chance at Cornell.</p>

<p>all right thanks so much for all the feedback so far guys :)</p>