Any female athlete information?

<p>My D is a HS soph starting to look at colleges. She doesn't want to play Div 1 sports, but may have an interest in Div III. Our family has no experience with college athletics and she has no idea what the time commitment is like. She plays lacrosse and field hockey in HS, lacrosse is her better sport (varsity letter as a freshman). If anyone has any information to share on Rochester athletics, how much time it takes from academics, etc, we'd love to hear it!</p>

<p>It is very doable to be a student and an athlete at U of R, but it does take a large time commitment to be successful at both. Figure in daily practice and travel on weekends, but allowances (such as change in practice time) can be made for academic priorities. Best to contact the coach and get their perspective/philosophy. Also, make sure your daughter has a team visit to get direct insight. Check out The Provost’s Circle Scholars:</p>

<p>Office</a> of the Provost: The Provost's Circle Scholars - listed by year</p>

<p>I'd also suggest talking to the HS coach, older HS teammates who are playing in college, and a her club coach (if she plays club). My one liner when I see this question at the D3 level is ... if your child handled the sports/academics crunch in high school my first reaction is they will be able to handle it in college also. (At D1 the sport should be VERY important to the studetn because it will chew up their free time)</p>

<p>The one thing I can tell you about Rochester and any of its extracurriculars is, "Academics come FIRST." Conflicts with practices or games are always resolved in favor of class and exams.</p>

<p>Thanks, your responses are encouraging. Her HS coach is not going to be much (if any) help. She has played 3 summers of club, but had been thinking she would be looking mostly at D1 schools, and not playing sports in college, except maybe at the club level. I would like her to at least consider some good DIII schools where she could possibly play. I will suggest she talk to the recruiting coordinator of her club team in the spring, and have her look at the link from NYTOVA. She doesn't want sports to take all her free time and feel like she is missing out on college life.</p>

<p>My D was a fairly good hs lacrosse player, but had no interest on playing on the U of R varsity team. She did an entirely different club sport for all four years at the ROC.</p>