Any first hand experiemce as a student or parent?

My son is interested in Creighton, I would love to hear some experiences people attending have had…good and bad.

Two of my children have gone to Creighton, and they love…and we love it. Both kids have done very well. Prefer it to BC and Villanova where my other kids went;. Easy to communicate with the university, help always at your fingertips. Best kept secret in college education. I would give two thumbs up to any course of study in health sciences.

Thanks so much! Love hearing the great comments on it.

I am an alum and I am praying my DD chooses it for nursing. She is a sophomore in HS now so I still have time for the brainwashing. :wink: Her brother is attending Villanova.

Things I personally loved 25 years ago were the family atmosphere and feeling like it has a place for everyone. The athletics make it even more fun! The alumni network is amazing. Creighton is well known and respected in the medical community and I was well prepared for the workforce. Several medical programs have expanded to Phoenix, in fact. One of the hospital systems here sought out Creighton when looking to partner with medical/PT/nursing. Pretty exciting considering Arizona State and U of A are right here.

I have a military friend who has a daughter currently attending. She had started at a major state school and then transferred in. Her mom said she is MUCH happier at Creighton, citing the smaller, personal feel and excellent education. They feel as if the kids are supported there more than what they saw at her previous school.

I also personally feel Creighton has been smart about their growth and campus development. They have been slowly and thoughtfully buying areas around campus with future expansion in mind.

Best of luck to your son (and you!) during the college exploration process. Such an exciting time!

@anniegalc: I have a S looking at Villanova and Creighton right now. I’d appreciate any feedback comparing the two if you have kids who went to both.