any first year CCC students here?

<p>i'm really happy/envious of those who are already admitted to uc schools or have heard from atleast one.</p>

<p>any helpful tips on how to successfuly transfer? i mean i read all the posts here but i guess i just need someone who's experienced the whole transfer process.
<em>just one more year to go...</em></p>

<p>Just stay motivated. The first year and a half went by quick for me, but now that I'm waiting for admission decisions every day seems like an eternity. Finish as many pre reqs as you can before you apply. I still haven't transferred, but I have been admitted to some schools. Oh and get off CC before it consumes your life!! Come this time next year this thing is gonna be like crack for me.</p>

<p>Basically you have to be on top of these and the rest will fall in order:
-IGETC (unless you're a science/math major)
-60sem/90qtr units</p>

<p>Some UC's are more strict than others about completing all of the major pre-reqs and other stuff, so that's why you jot down school-specific questions and bring them up in Transfer Day or whenever UC reps visit your school.</p>

<p>I only really visited my counselors not to ask them questions about the transfer process, but to verify I was en route to IGETC certification and the completion of 90qtr units, among other technicalities</p>

<p>i couldn't have put it better myself, Mykris202!</p>

<p>i wish i had finished in two years, but it has taken 3, just make sure you take the right classes ad don't slack off</p>