Any flying to CalSO from SoCal?

<p>Is anyone flying to CalSO from SoCal?</p>

<p>If so, what airport? I'm flying from Ontario to Oakland.</p>

<p>Tickets were a little bit pricey.</p>

<p>I'm flying from SNA(John Wayne) to Oakland. Round trip is costing me ~$190 and I've calculated the BART fare to be about $8.</p>

<p>Really? $190? What airline? </p>

<p>Mine was $164 on Southwest, roundtrip. BART fare is about the same too. </p>

<p>Anyone else?</p>

<p>$190 on alaskan airlines, as they're the only carrier I could find for the date/times I was looking for(first engineering orientation, june 13-14).</p>

<p> it.</p>

<p>L&S student so I'm leaving on the 19th (doing the day before thing).</p>

<p>what is CalSO?</p>

-Cal Student Orientation</p>

<p>(Cal is the nickname for Berkeley)</p>

<p>If you've signed your SIR, you need to log on to CalSo (go under "Checklist" of your MyBerkeley Application website) and sign up; if you can't go, you need to let them know.</p>

<p>CalSO allows students to sign up for classes (the first 10.5 units) as well as getting student acclamated to the facilities and what not.</p>

<p>HAHAHA I'm flying for free, thank you southwest credit card.
I'm leaving on southwest from John Wayne.</p>

<p>For which CalSO event?</p>

<p>what happened to jetblue???</p>

<p>Jetblue doesn't have flights from Ontario to Oakland...maybe from LAX or Burbank or Long Beach to Oakland...but that's just a hassle to get there.</p>

<p>i'm leaving on southwest from LAX for the june 13, 14 calso</p>

<p>i'm flying from san diego to oakland on the 9th (overnight thing). i'm booked my flight from southwest...roundtrip cost me about $190...</p>