Any frat/sorority peepz here?

<p>I'm thinking of rushing AKDPhi if I go to a college which has it. For those out of the loop, it's the National Asian Sorority most known for fun (at least that's what I heard). Anybody in the Greek life? How is it like? Can't wait.</p>

<p>Greek life varies a lot depending on which frat you join.</p>

<p>Think about it before you commit. Although I cannot speak for all, I had a rather negative experience in one.</p>

<p>how come ucla (a majority asian school) doesnt have AKDPhi asian sorority? </p>

<p>but anyway, frats/sororities in general can vary from school to school. they may be the same sorority but the personalities of the sisters at the diff. schools can be very different, although you'd all still end up being sisters. </p>

<p>examples (only from what i've heard though)
-phi kappa psi is a party frat at ucla but a "nerdy" one at stanford
-delta sigma pi is the "cool" (biz) frat at ucla but the fobby one at ucsd</p>

<p>Not only can frats differ school to school. They can also differ from year to year. ******* frats may become fun guy frats in a matter of 2 years. Also the coolness of frats varies too. At times frats/sororities are popular but a few years later it may be uncool. I'm still deciding but I may at least pledge/rush some place next semester even if I don't join.</p>

<p>asian frats and sororities are pointless, they arent nationally known like frats in IFC or panhanellic......they get u NO connections in networking, the are all a bunch of middle class rice rocket drivers who think they are tough like they are from the hood, and can't do exchanges with real sororities other than other asian ones.....but hey, if thats what u like then go for it</p>

<p>yes, you can see things from pimpmike's point of view about asian frats. the only national asian frat is lambda phi epsilon i believe, all the other ones dont have a national connection.</p>