Any good Business fraternities?

<p>Are there any good business fraternities that an undergraduate business student should consider joining? If so, which are they and why?</p>

<p>Phi Chi Theta is a professional fraternity for business and economics majors. I don't know much about it, but it should help with networking and the like. Here's UT's version of it: <a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>Alpha Kappa Psi is a great one.</p>

<p>Delta Sigma Pi.</p>

<p>Um...sorry for being ignorant, but what is a business fraternity about? (the aforementioned link doesn't work for me). How do business schools look at one's participation in such an organization?</p>

<p>maybe this article will help</p>

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<p>in other words, Business fraternities are social fraternities with a focus on proffesionalism and business. They preach leadership and teamwork, among other skills that they feel are needed in the business world. Also, it's a great way to meet more people, and have some fun while you're at it.</p>

<p>And if you want my opinion, Alpha Kappa Psi is the best. Of course, i'm completely biased, because I'm a brother...</p>

<p>Thanks for posting the link. It was quite insightful.</p>

<p>I have an opportunity of joining a business frat but once i join one I can't join any others, obviously. Can we get some more opinions one these frats and the positives and negitives?</p>


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<p>^^^ Thanks. Is that a fraternity or an honors society? </p>

<p>Regardless, I'm at UMD and it isn't. My situation is that Alpha Kappa Psi is opening a colony at UMD and it will be a chapter by the start of the spring semester. I am a freshman and I know some of the people starting it. I think it might be pretty cool to be a founding member of a fraternity that should stay in place for years. I am just trying to find out as much as possible about all the business frats to get a feel of what I am signing up for and what I am giving up. Right now I am 95% sure I will be joining AKpsi.</p>

<p>Any other opinions about AKpsi or any other business frats?</p>

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<p>this should help - a combination of the two?</p>