Any good parking areas?

Recently transferred and I was wondering any good parking spots/areas nearby? The school parking is absolutely horrendous with their after 3pm parking.

Why have a car in NYC??? The vast majority of NYers don’t have cars. There’s ample public transportation; cars are expensive; cars are pains in the patoot. You have to do opposite-side parking; have to dig it out from the snow and otherwise take care of it; have to find parking when you use it to put it away; have to find parking when you use it at your destination. All of those things are difficult or impossible. Why have a car?

If you’re in college and need it to go home – use trains planes and buses. The City is set up to get people in, out, and around town.

Unless you’re handicapped or have some other overarching need, cars are more trouble than they’re worth in NYC.

Best thing: sell it and pocket the money from the sale and all of the money you’d put into it by keeping it in the City.

Also: it’s greener to use public transportation.

Also: when on a bus, subway, train etc. you can read, play games, study for your classes, and relax. No more fighting traffic.