Any Good Restaurants Around UCSD?

<p>Hi all,</p>

<p>Any good restaurants around UCSD?</p>


<p> ?</p>

<p>You should definitely try out Phil's BBQ, but you'll need a car for that.</p>


<p>Fave restaurant in SD, hands down
(Besides CPK obviously)</p>

<p>Try Brockton Villa at La Jolla Cove for breakfast. Their coast toast is delicious!
Try Girard Gourmet on Girard in La Jolla for amazing sandwiches and take out food. Prices are reasonable. Neither place is a national chain.</p>

<p>The Cottage in DT La Jolla for breakfast.
Carne Asada Fries at Lolita's in Clairemont for lunch.
Phil's BBQ in Point Loma for dinner.</p>


<p>I went to Sammy's recently and it was REALLY good.</p>


<p>El Pescardor (Fish Market) for reasonably priced seafood
The Fishery for less reasonably priced seafood
Phoung Trang for Vietnamese
Yokohama Yakitori Koubou for Japanese/late night study break food
Extraordinary Desserts for desserts
Crab Hut for eating crustaceans in bibs
Tajima for ramen/noodles
Whisknladle for brunch
Pomegranate for Russian
The Bistro at the Strand (the Village) for the best food you can buy with dining dollars</p>

<p>Five guys in coste verde for burgers and the flamebroiler in the strip mall near whole foods on Nobel for healthy fast food. Alfonsos in dt LJ for the best expensive mex food ever...tortilla soup and carne asada are awesome.</p>

<p>The McDonald's in Costa Verde is surprisingly decent, doesn't mind students studying in there, and has lots of cheap stuff plus they often have sports on the TVs on weekends. </p>

<p>Ralph's gets a good number of students hanging out there too-they used to sell really cheap big cold-cut sandwiches there and there's a surprisingly alright area with padded chairs. </p>

<p>As mentioned, the Flame Broiler is pretty decent and lacking in grease. </p>

<p>A bit further afield is Regents Pizza, which is across from the grad student housing (the 202 or the Mesa buses go there). Excellent food for a fair price. There's also a sushi place hidden behind that same building that I've heard good things about. </p>

<p>And...that's about it within walking/bus distance. There are some places at the UTC shopping center, but none are particularly good. The other recs here are solid for the most part, but I've found Phil's rather overrated. Try some of the Indian places in Mira Mesa- Punjabi Tandoori and Sher-e-Punjab are both tasty and give you a good bit of food for the price.</p>

<p>That sushi place (Nozomi) isn't good.</p>

<p>And no one mentioned sandwiches at Spirit of Saint Germaine? The sandwiches coming out of that liquor store are surprisingly awesome and very cheap.</p>

<p>Cotixans for those late night munchies. Their steak and egg burrito is amazing. they have the best sauce. Vallartas is also pretty popular. Try california burritos when in SD. Thats what we known for.</p>

<p>^YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Steak and egg burritos at both Cotixans and Vallarta are amazing. Same with the California burritos.</p>

<p>I usually only went to Cotixan's for a Burrito al Pastor.</p>

<p>And the best California Burrito was from Lolitas (same said for their Carne Asada Fries).</p>

<p>If you have a car, hit up Tacos el Gordo near the US-Mexico border. Best tacos, hands down. Period.</p>

<p>On second thought, I just made a quick list on Yelp for my favorite SD restaurants/cafes/bars.</p>

<p>San</a> Diego - San Diego</p>

<p>For carne asada fries I suggest Rigoberto's (i think the one i go to is the one in miramar?)</p>

<p>If you're feeling fancy try La Bastide Bistro in the Scripps Ranch area for French food.</p>

<p>For Korean food I go to Convoy Tofu House in Convoy</p>

<p>and for Japanese food I just eat at the food court at Mitsuwa in Convoy!</p>