Any Gulf Arabs around these parts?

<p>By Gulf Arabs I mean Saudi Arabians, Emiratis (UAE), Kuwaitis, Qataris, and Bahrainis. Its sad how "Middle Eastern" is categorised under "White" !!!!!! What do you think they'll do if I checked "Other" and wrote "Gulf Arab"?? freak out?</p>

<p>So, do you see many of those guys at UPenn or any of the other Ivies? How interesting would it be for the adcoms if someone applied from there? Increase his chances?</p>

<p>Is it really classified as white? I always assumed they were classified as Asian.</p>

<p>YES!! Thats so sad. We aren't asian...and according to statistics, Arabs (Including Kurds AND Assyrians!! What the?? they dont even speak arabic!) only represent 1.5% of the U.S. population..if you EXCLUDE the Assyrians and Kurds (Who are "Assyrians" and "Kurds" once more, and DONT speak arabic nor have arabic heritage) we represent ONLY 0.5% of the population!!! Asians represent 5.0%!!</p>

<p>Native Americans are 1.37% of the population! African Americans are approximately 12%...African American students make up 28% of all college students!! How come arabs aren't affected by Affirmative action?? I mean, if we are only 0.5% of the population, how could we NOT be URMs at colleges?!?!!</p>

<p>It seems that you misunderstand the grounds of AA. It's not based on how small the population of the minority. AA is for races who were repressed by the US in the past. Native Americans, African Americans, Hispanic etc.</p>

<p>How about the present?</p>

<p>Arabs aren't suppressed? Not in a serious way at least, people might crack a few jokes, but that's it.</p>

<p>yes i personally know many arabs from the gulf. I dont quite get the point of this thread though</p>

<p>Its one of the factors that I am'll definately be helpful to have some people in the college community who you share some common ground with.</p>

<p>"Arabs aren't suppressed? Not in a serious way at least, people might crack a few jokes, but that's it."</p>

<p>Oh the irony...</p>

<p>^explain :D</p>

<p>they crack a few skulls actually...DID YOU KNOW... Saudis living in the East Coast have FBI Agents REGULARLY come and check up on them? Not "appointments", they come when they please, be it 5 PM or 5 AM. I've heard this from 9 of my saudi friends who've lived there post-9/11 and deep into Islamophobia... although they visit science-related visa holders more than business or language studies, understandably.</p>

<p>Still not "supressed"? I think we need to give a modern renovation to that definition</p>

<p>You might need to provide sources for that. Affirmative action in the USA evolved over decades after blacks were enslaved and lost all of their rights (marriage, voting, etc.) Arabs may have it just have hard but they need time for society to see that and enact legislation. certainly you wont get anywhere just by whinging on the Internet.</p>