any help would be appreciated!

<p>Could you tell me if I stand a chance at any of these schools...
I am not ivy bound.. just a pretty good student with a passion for sports! Here it goes:
UW GPA- 3.4
Weighted 3.86
SAT 1190
MD public school
my school does not rank
Varsity Sports- Basketball and Lacrosse
Honors and Accolades throughout the State for Lacrosse
JV Sports- Soccer, Basketball, Lacrosse
MVP award winner for soccer and basketball
ELite travel soccer and basketball teams
over 280 hours of volunteer work
worked for 2 summers at sleep away camp as CIT and Junior Counselor
Schools: U of Miami, James Madison, College of Charleston, U of Rhode Isle., Clemson, U Mass Amherst, Maryland, Penn State.</p>


<p>Seems as though you would be a candidate for lacrosse somewhere - any chance of playing in college?</p>